Author Topic: Accolades for the Staff and Members!  (Read 2644 times)

May 21, 2015, 04:53:47 PM

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Hey Guys,

I just want to say that you have a wonderful team, Dante and Kane are on top of things always making sure that even the newest member of the shard isn't having difficulties.

And then there are the events, i spent a good amount of time this morning frantically running around searching for Kane in an attempt to retrieve a fabled artifact from the Monthly Rewards.  Great Fun!

I also want to throw a shout out to Domino and Ganjalf for being super helpful to a new player.  My husband and i are having a great amount of fun on this shard and i expect we will be around for some time :D

Thanks again for everything! and i look forward to seeing you all in game!