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April 24, 2015, 08:13:39 AM

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Greetings fellow Evo-Peoples, I come bearing good news to the realm!

With the gracious blessing of the elder gods, it seems new life has been breathed into those adventures whom are sitting in wait around the campfire. Traveling rumors hint of dangerous exploits leading to even grander rewards for those willing to risk the peril. Tales of these unearthed artifacts seems to strike a chord throughout the realm. Pirates seeking to plunder vast riches. Elven scouts delve deep into the reclusive lost forests in search. Even the mysterious gargoyles seem to ponder the value of horded relics. Who knows what else lays in wait...

I am looking to start undertaking some custom events, lore, and overall RP fun for those interesting in the original side of ultima online. Without indulging too much before everything is ready I would like to perhaps, get a bit of a buzz around what will hopefully be a great addition to the shard. EvoRP.

- Characters made exclusively for EvoRP will be involved in dynamic quests with plot twists and turns!
- To create a real sense of immersion most high end items will not be allowed (say what!?)
- Most items used in EvoRP will be more along base line lootables to prevent any "godmode" play
- Items received for participating in quests, or for great RP will be specifically for EvoRP. While not a high end item it will feel more valuable with a more level playing field across the board. 
- Players looking to PvP without being jumped will have great opportunities to play a villian, a great way to learn PvP before trying it on the real Evo.
- More fun than casting explosion on a barrel of monbats!

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April 24, 2015, 05:24:11 PM
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  Sounds awesome...

June 02, 2015, 02:09:06 PM
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I dunno, explosion on a barrel of mongbats can be pretty fun...

Just kidding, that would be really neat, count me in

(Wanted to write more than this, but thinking of the, pardon my expression, buttload of possiblities... Creation of a hero, villain, anti-hero or anti-villain character... Something really epically awesomesauce could come out of a neat RP experience)