Author Topic: New player ''What do i do now'' guide!  (Read 3118 times)

February 09, 2015, 06:36:41 PM

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Welcome to Evolution!

By now, you have a new character, familiarized yourself with some of the towns and might even have joined the NEW guild. If you havent, i recommand you do.
What's next?
-Start training, visit the training elemental area, create macros and train away,  but before you do so, go to New Haven and buy or train, from all the npc's there. 38 points per skill on average is considerable.
-Everytime a bulk order deed is available to you, take it, even if you are not planing on filling them, other players might pay a great deal for them.
-Gems like diamonds, rubies and sapphires are a gold mine, selling them over a period of time can be very rewarding.
-Take the time to look at vendors, try to figure out what they are missing, see if you as a new player can provide those, you can? Get a vendor set up.
-The skillball in your bag, keep it for a later date, it will become handy.
-While training skills like Lumberjacking and mining, sell the colored ore and lumber but keep the plain one to help you train other skills like tinkering, bowcrafting, carpentry.
-The Umbra undead stadium is the best place to farm reagents.
-Before you decide to level a weapon, ask a vet if its a good choice of weapon.

Take the time to explore low end dongeons, do a few quests, enjoy your time playing and most of all, dont get discouraged if you cant have the same gear, weapons, pets a veteran has, it takes months of labor. Remember this isn't a race, UO as been around for 17 years and Evo as been live for over 4 years now, its not going anywhere, so enjoy the journey.

I will elaborate more about the subject and others at a later time.
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Hi hi

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More great advice to a new player.

Join everyone on the TeamSpeak server, even if you do not have a microphone.  You can usually get help and questions answered faster there than in game.  Also the Devs drop in and talk to people some times, they are really good for answering weird questions!  I ask a lot of them, I know.

Also it is a great way to meet more people, that sometimes will go adventuring with you!  Also the game is more fun when your talking to other people.

Train up your animal lore and animal taming, great way to get a free mount in any place you go adventuring that you will not feel bad about if it dies.  Also some animals are really good and killing or tanking things for you, which makes them extremely good to have along.

Training dummies and macros are your friend, use them well.  Ask people, either in chat or TeamSpeak, for good macros too!