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Mau: Half drow half vampire


Mau kicked her undead horse into a ground shaking gallop as the forest trees gave way to a flat meadow. The tendril of hair that slipped from the hood of her robe was a mix of green and blonde. The sight made Mau seethe with unchecked rage. She pulled her mount up sharply at a pond. While the horse drank, Mau pulled her hood down and studied her reflection. Pale skin, her once almost black eyes seemed to glow green now and her hair, goddess her hair! once the richest gold it was now streaked with green. Tears threatened to spill over, Mau choked them back angrily. She looked to her mount who was dozing. Mau gave in and leapt into a near by tree, falling into a troubled sleep.

"I'm dreaming... I have to be dreaming."

Mau was back in the Drow city. She was kneeling before the  Queen and her son. They were talking of an attack. The vampire clans of the north were threatening to attack if the Drow didn't join forces or give a sacrifice. The Queen wanted to remain peaceful, the vamps wanted her son as a sacrifice. Mau looked to the boy, 90 years old, he was still a child.

Mau had fled the Throne Room in tears. Pacing her home she had made a decision.

The dream fast forward to Mau standing before the vampire king of the North with her Queen, her arms bound before her, Mau was offering herself as the sacrifice. The King grinned, his fangs were long. Mau filled with dread at the thought of dying by those fangs. The king beckoned her forward and she moved to him against her will. The King waves a hand before her eyes and she felt light, drugged. Then blinding pain shot through her very core. Mau blacked out.

She woke up feeling numb and cold. Her skin was pale.She wasn't dead. Her Queen was across the room from her. A hard look on her face. Mau sat up, aware of an almost unbearable scent coming from the Queen, Elven blood. Mau shook her head. "what happened?" The queen looked at her and Mau detected a hatred, she recoiled a bit. The Queens words were like a white hot slap in Mau's face. "thank you for saving my son, but you are no longer welcome among our clan. you are a halfling now. And not welcome in either kingdom." With those words the Queen dropped Mau's bag on the ground and left.

A rage she'd never felt before filled Mau to overflowing. She drew her sword and called upon the ancient magic she was taught as a child. She burst from the room and sliced down the nearest mounted guard. Before a reaction was heard she mounted the mare and thundered away.


Mau fell out of the tree, her lightning reflexes had her fingers grasping a branch and she landed on her feet. The mare was awake and drinking. Mau looked to the sum and muttered "day walker... I'm a bloody day walker." with a snort of disgust she swung onto her mount and kicked her into a gallop. There was a kingdome up ahead and she could see a castle. She could smell human, elven and gargoyle blood.  She urged her horse on faster. perhaps she could call this land home....... Home, no she would never be home. This was just a place to dwell.
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