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December 25, 2014, 07:51:38 PM

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Sea Horse: they run on water and land or a ED pet that runs on water or fly's over it. mounts are easier to control and are more collectible then Boats
Flying Carpet: a cool ED pet maybe fly's over mountains and water. Opens up new areas for quests and new spawn areas.

Everlasting bandage: bandage blessed never runs out Bandages in game are cheap might as well have a everlasting one that cost ED
Everlasting shrink Potion: pet shrink Potion that never runs out of charges
Everlasting tools: tools that never run out of charges

Master Rune book: has tabs so u can hold 12+ Rune book worth of runes in it have a library in your pack and reduces item count. Make them a quest or craft or ED. Example [1.0][2.0]Lokai's Master Runebook     a RunUO script

Vendor stone : a stone that tells every thing for sale at all player vendors and gives a local map to find the vendor. helps with economy to venture out and find new vendors also help keep prices more fare u see what items u want are going for also helps price checking
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December 25, 2014, 10:56:35 PM
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Rigth now sea horses are spawning but the option to ride them is disabled. For the everlasting tool, you could make million uses tools with a simple razor macro, same for leaches. The runebook i like and would provide a nice item count reduction for the shard and our back pack.
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December 26, 2014, 10:28:56 AM
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+1 on the master rune book... very good idea!


December 26, 2014, 10:37:20 AM
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The Resource box being suggested sounds a lot like the ledgers we already have for tokens and gold. I like the idea and it would make moving a lot easier to not have 10,000 stones worth of leather and logs.

December 26, 2014, 11:46:24 AM
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  In my opinion:

  A) Boat = Seahorse

  B) Everlasting items defile the game by making it lazy. Currently we have item Keys or Tools that hold 100000 charges of most materials. This method is tried and true.

  C) The master resource book is probably the best suggestion on this post. +1 for it, because it helps everyone in the short and long run. {I'd like to mention here, the ability to make rune books with more rune slots. 32 runes in a single rune book, plus the ability to have a Master Rune book 'Key' which holds 12 such rune books is something I'd chase after and would also feed the EVO economy, if they were only player made}
  D) Resource Box = a bank + Current resource Key's A-Z

  In closing I'd like to thank you for posting your ideas, though they may not always be used, they often times inspire idea's from others. I do hope, however, that the Master Rune book idea can be implemented. It's a great idea.