Author Topic: INSANE Triple Champ (in more ways than one): Thanks Viking!  (Read 716 times)

August 31, 2014, 01:41:54 PM

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I was minding my own business when an announcement from a former guildmate, Viking came out: "PvP Turney at Red City", I thought, cool, I'll spectate since I'm not yet anywhere near being geared for pvp.  Then my heart sunk when Viking said "Change of plans".  Oh well, maybe not enough participants, but then came the rest of the announcement...  "PvP Free For All after a Champ Event!" (awwwyessss.jpg). 

What followed was a cataclysm of awesome!  This was no ordinary Triple Champ, this was a Triple Champ of Epic Proportions!  Upon hopping into the gate, I am face to face with Sprillex, not just one, not two, but THREE Sprillex!  Talk about adding a twist to the ordinary!  To add awesome sprinkles to an awesome cake, Kane was dropping ED randomly (some how random seemed to be right in the path of one of the Sprillex /heh) about the ground, and the mayhem ensued! 

I wish I had gotten some screenshots of the event, but to be truthful, I was so excited with the insanity that taking screen shots was the furthest thing from my mind!

Thanks Viking and Kane for an AMAZING event!