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August 11, 2014, 06:06:09 PM

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I recently read several interesting articles about Ultima Online hiring real people/staff to play/act in character online in the begining stages of development.  I think this concept would be fun to implement during a big UOE event and "hire" a few live players/staff to roleplay the bad guy and have real AI to contend with.  If you whoud be interested in starting this style/RP Guild, please contact Dante

A great example of this Live RP was when Richard Garriot would log in as "Lord British" and would take an audience with the players

I would like to encourage players to use their Alt characters to build an Orc, Gargoyle, Pirate or Elf and attempt to create a back story, based on some of the History of Sosaria.

A great example of fantastic roleplaying was the Shadowclan Orc guild back on the official servers.  They were infamous for their roleplay, culture and unique language.

Coincidentally, I had a player approach me this week and wanted to bring their entire guild here and start up the roleplay on UO Evolution with an official chapter of the Shadowclan Orc Guild
I hope everyone here on UOE would embrace this style of play and welcome all the new players to the shard and really have fun with this!

Please read the roleplay section of the wiki and be familiar with the protocol, rules and expectations regarding roleplay
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