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March 17, 2014, 07:35:03 PM

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Champ Whirlwind
First thing to do is to set your target hot keys, in the Hot Keys tab (in razor) set a key for; Target Closest Non-Friendly, Attack Last Target and Cancel Current Target. Pick keys you wont need in game or later on.

Now create a new macro, name it how ever you wish and start recording,

SetAbility WhirlwindAttack (activate the skill)
Exec: Target Closest Non-Friendly (hot key you previously have set)
Exec: Attack Last Target (hotkey)
Exec: Cancel Current Target (hotkey)
If (Stamina <= 110) (optionnal, the number is determined by your stamina total, i go 20-30 points under to trigger) (under special construct, insert If conditionnal command)
CastSpell Divine Fury (#205) (just double click the icon you will have previously taken out of the chivalry book)

Dont forget to loop!
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