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 Name: Starmion Shieldsoul
 Alias:  Star
 Guild:  Knights of Evolution Order (KEO)
 Race:  Human
 Age:    52
 Profession: Knight
Hair:  Brown with flecks of grey on the temples, normally tied back in a ponytail, he has a Vandyke which was brown but slowly fading to grey
 Eyes:  Hazel
 Skin:  Tanned and weathered
 Height:  5ft  10ins
 Scars/Tatoos:  No tatoo’s, but has plenty of scars, more concentrated on his arms and thighs. 
Background info:
Son of a smithy where he would work on the Knights armours, travelling with them to tourneys and on crusades.  He was bestowed a Knighthood for his bravery when saving two Knights from certain death, he became Squire to the Paladin Idwell, and quickly rose through the ranks to Knight Commander. With his closest friend Idwell they went on many quests retrieving Holy relics from across the land
Birthplace:  Jhelom, where he would watch the tourneys in the arena and dream of becoming a Knight

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