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September 21, 2013, 10:35:23 AM

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The Rain came down harder as I walked through the city streets of Britian. I saw men stumbling out of the inns and bars and loose women flaunting themselves at them. This made my stomach turn for they would never fill my thirst. I had managed to keep my rage and hurt from bottling over after Nic found me huddled in a corner with bodies all around me. From that moment I promised myself I wouldn’t frenzy again that was till I saw her.

Her red hair blew in the storm as she entered the Bar in Britain and the hunger grew as the hair color raged deeper with in me. I strolled into the same bar and looked around till I saw the same fiery hair and watched her smile and giggle with her friend. I grabbed a tray that was sitting on the edge of the counter. I approached carefully. “Ah ladies here are your ales”, I said sweetly as I gazed at her pulling at her mind to make her ask me to sit. She complied. I sat quietly listening to them speak and speaking when spoken to. I just stared at her but not really her but the vision that my rage and hunger saw her as. Finally they were all about to head to the local inn I was asked to tag along.

I am not sure if it was the way the air made her hair move or it was my lack of control that made me do what I did next. We were walking quickly through the buildings and as the group turned I grabbed her arm and threw her into the ally. Cupping her throat between my hands and lifting her up. She tried to scream but my hand would not allow enough air to help her screams. My rage and the beast that laid deep with in me came out. I lashed out at her yelling threw tears “ Its your fault I am this way now. If you were never woken”, I slammed her body harshly against the stone wall.The girls head bobbed as I slammed her body. I pulled her head to the side and sank my fangs into her flesh pulling mouthfuls of her crimson liquid into my mouth till I could feel her pulse. She had a pulse!, my body screamed at me as I looked over her body and cupped my mouth. Finally I saw her as she really was not the women that fed my rage. I shook as I quickly bite into my wrist and placing it to her mouth she thrashed and spit it out I force the blood to come quicker as she finally began to drink. I started to pet her head as she drank from my wrist . I repeat whispering into her hair “ I am sorry. I will take good care of you”. I scooped her up and brought her to Sillian as I watch her transition and my mistake manifest.