Author Topic: UOE Grand Auction will be this Sunday!  (Read 1158 times)

September 19, 2013, 04:37:12 PM

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The Grand Auction will be this Sunday, Sept 22nd at noon pst
After the auction, we will be doing the Hunger Games, hosted by Kyn with lots of nice prizes.  Make sure you review the rules on the wiki
We Hit a high of 171 players online this week with an average of 125, so I would like to see a big turnout this Sunday with hopes of breaking 200 online!
Keep up the voting, we are number one on 16 out of 20 top lists!

Several players have started a role play guild, if you would like to make and alt character and participate, they meet at the "Rusty Anchor in Skara Brae or contact Starion or Grimley in-game for more info
Kyn has added more content this week and has posted the update info for Publish #11 on the forums. The new Undead Worg pet and the Colossus pet are now available

Earn Evolution Dollars in game by...doing the following tasks and quests in the month of September.  You must hurry, this is for a limited time!

Collect blackrock and turn it into the Secret Blackrock Vendor Stone to earn ED!

Collect Paragon Artifacts and recycle them for artifact credits, then purchase ED from the Vendor stone in Trinsic!

Complete the Peerless Quest during the month of September and get 500ED
If you earn a Blackbelt by trading up the lower belts with hard work, I will reward you with 500ed during the month of September!
ED can be found in Felucca Dungeon chests
Earn ED by voting daily!

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