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November 06, 2016, 11:57:00 AM
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Is anyone working on updating the Augments page? . The values seem to have changed from whenever this table was created.  One example is for Legendary Sapphire, The chart has:

[/t][/t]Sockets    Weapon              Shield            Armor      Cloth    Jewelry      Spellbook      Trinket        Creature
2         6 Hit Col Area   4 Cold Res           2 Int                           
2 Int            2 Int                2 Int            10 Int

but the augment itself states:
         2          25 Hit cold area  15 Cold Res          8 Int                                                                                                  20 Int

This is a huge discrepancy. Is it possible to pull the numbers from the script again and update this? Would adding the Glimmering skill rocks and attack/defense runes that are available be possible as well? Also, i have never seen an augment list Spellbook or Trinket values in its tool tips?

 Any update would be very helpful to the entire population of us trying to figure out gear designs and not completely mess things up. Especially for those of us who have very little play time available.

You see A Drow Elf 
franticly trying to find Free Time.

November 07, 2016, 06:37:36 AM
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I'll check it out and verify the information. Thanks for the heads up.

November 07, 2016, 10:24:57 AM
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  Thanks for the heads up, Drow.

Once Kane drops his new item creation system, I'll be sure to get around to asking questions about all sorts of items. That, as well as try to touch base, if not update the wiki pages on Augmentations.  Look for a wiki update coming soon, however, concerning Base Stats.

  The wiki needs improvement, and I like to start at the beginning. Once we have a good foundation, everything else falls into place.


November 07, 2016, 10:52:32 AM
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November 11, 2016, 09:48:06 AM
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I've already work on the whole augments page, i've send it to Dante but we are waiting for Kane update about augments to change the wiki page

November 19, 2016, 04:09:57 AM
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I found a disrepency for the pet repair system. The wiki says it takes 10 willow sage to make a str tonic yet in game it says 15 willow. The dex tonic says it takes 10 pachouli to make yet in game it says 15. Interestingly enough the int tonic says 10 of the two kinds of herbs needed so I'm not sure if the wiki is wrong or if the in game vet tool is wrong; or even if int tonics are intended to be easier to make.
Also the follwing pet ointments arn't listed:
Cold resist ointment: valerian 10, mugwart 10, orange petals 5, bandages 100
Poison resist ointment: lavender 10, olive 10, slumgum 5, bandages 100
Energy resist ointment:rose 10, orris 10, orange petals 5, bandages 100
I would assume the min/max skills to be the same as physical/fire. 
I'd go in and change the wiki myself but I'm not sure if players are allowed to or if there is a limit on who can alter the wiki. Thanks Silver.

Yeah, that page on the wiki needs to be updated.  In the meantime, here's some info to help new players understand this ability:


By opening an "Advanced Veterinary Kit" the current Tonics & Ointments that can be made to enhance/repair your pet are listed, as well as the ingredients needed to make the potions.

Monster Contracts:  There is an NPC named "Joseph the Monster Killer".  He can be found in his Monster Contract Dealer shop just north of Britain bank directly behind the Flower Shop.  When you click on Joseph and choose "Talk"--you will receive a monster contract in your main backpack.  On it is named the monster you need to kill and the amount to fulfill the contract, and the amount of money you will receive. There is a time limit before you can click on him again to receive another contract.

To use the contract, kill the monster named on the deed. Double-click the contract deed, click the red "corpse" bar and a target cursor will come up.  Target the correct monster's corpse--it will disappear and one kill will be added to your contract.  When the contract is completed place it in your bank box and click on it. Money will be given to you and a special random reward item may appear in your main backpack including a book called "Advanced Veterinary Techniques and You", an "advanced veterinary kit", a dark blue "vial of restorative goo", or a "bio-engineering tool". (Please add more rewards to this list if there are others I haven't seen. Thank you.)

The book "Advanced Veterinary Techniques and You" is eaten/read/used to learn the advanced veterinary skill.  If you receive this book from fulfilling a contract you can use it if your vet skill is at level 110 or higher.  If you buy the book or acquire it any other way you will not be able to use the book until your vet is at 120.  Your other two pet skills should be gm or higher for either.

Using the Advanced Veterinary Kit:

There are two types of potions that can be made with the kit: Tonics enhance/repair stats: strength, dexterity and intelligence. Ointments enhance/repair magic resists: fire, cold, poison, energy, physical. 
Currently, there are no potions to enhance/repair hit points, stamina or mana.

For making Tonics: Cooking is the primary skill, (around 150.0 is a good level for success), combined with secondary skill Alchemy 75.0, and third skills are Taste Identification 75.0, Anatomy 75.0, , Ninjitsu 75.0, or Evaluating Intelligence 75.0, (depending on the specific tonic being made).  Magic cloth and a good talisman to enhance your primary skill is necessary to make Tonics 100 percent of the time. The secondary  and third skills can be the bare minimum listed above but it's always a plus to have them higher.

For making Ointments: Cooking is the primary skill, (around 150.0 is a good level for success), and secondary skill is Veterinary 55.0, and third skills are Magery 55.0, Necromancy 55.0, Poisoning 55.0, and Spellweaving 55.0, depending on the ointment being made. Once again, magic cloth and a good cooking talisman will better insure success in making the ointments and the secondary and third skills can be bare minimum as listed above.

Materials needed for Tonics: Spring water, a vial of restorative goo, a large jewel, (either a Dark Sapphire, Ecru Citrine or Blue Diamond depending on the tonic being made).

1. Spring water: Acquire these from Druids, (named reds), scattered throughout Ilshenar in groups of 1-4.  They are usually accompanied by a few aggressive wolves that will attack when you kill the Druids.  Both the druids and their pets are easy to kill.  Druids also drop "Destroying Angel" and "Petrified Wood" that can be used to make other things so be sure to pick those up, as well.

2. Vial of Restorative Goo: This can be found in locked chests in Felucca dungeons, bought from players/vendors, and found in treasure chests from fishing/cartography, or a reward from turning in completed monster contracts.

3. Large Jewels: Gold panning, treasure chests, locked chests in Felucca dungeons, bought from players/vendors or dropped as loot from a few monsters.

Materials needed to make Ointments: Plant resources, (either red leaves, orange petals or green thorns), slumgum, dragon's blood, bandages.

1. Plant resources: red leaves, orange petals, green thorns.  Refer to this great website for information on growing these resources yourself: Colored&Plant=Snowdrops
Or buy from players/vendors.

2. Slumgum: (a product made when refining raw beewax acquired from the bee raising skill). The Vesper Bee Shop has all the materials to raise bees, including the bee hives, (The beehives come with a table that will automatically spawn when you place the beehive deed).  There is a stone of instructions in the shop to get you started raising bees.  There are stones where you can also purchase tools to extract honey and raw beeswax from the hives, and tools to render the raw wax into other materials, including slumgum.  Players/vendors sell slumgum, as well.

3. Dragon's Blood: Acquired from dragons and dragon types, stone silth or toxic silth and ruddy boura--(both types of silth and boura are found in Ter Mur). If there are any other monsters that drop dragon's blood could you add it to this list. Thank you. Players/vendors also sell dragon's blood on occasion.

4. Bandages can be bought in New Haven from the stone in front of the Tailor shop, bought from healers, or cut up cloth with scissors to make bandages. 
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