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September 12, 2013, 03:41:45 PM

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  It happens like it always happens, once you have been bitten by the UO bug. You are just sitting around playing all the new school RPG's and you find yourself bore or in need of a change. What to do? Who can really say, and then you are just sitting around remembering the good times, when you played games for hours, if not days, without even knowing time had passed. Two hours felt like five minutes, and 8 hours only felt like an hour of time.

   Yes! I'm talking about Ultima Online, and how it keeps bringing me back with that ever present itch to swing a sword, fire a bow, cast a spell and down an Orc.

   Best way to get rid of an itch is usually to scratch it, and in the case of UO you scratch the itch by finding a free shard to play on.
   I have scratched it in the past, by playing UO on and off again for about nine years. I put in some time on a free shard or two, before coming here (another 2 years) where I have no doubt that I will stay.

   Ultima Online was a break through in 1997; first of its kind MMO RPG, but that being said UO Evolution is "Inspiring" beyond the norms of free-sharding.

   To all involved in making the Evolution Shard what it is, I thank you, you have breathed new life into me. Given me back a better version of a game I grew up on (since I was fifteen) and still love more then any new game out there.

  Most impressive of all, is the quality of community present on the shard itself.

  Evolution = Family to me. UO is fun again, and that itch has been replaced with a smile of inspiration.