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August 26, 2013, 02:47:22 PM

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UOE September Schedule of Events

Labor Day Weekend * 4 Days of Events * August 30th - September 2nd

This is a list of the planned events over the holliday weekend.  We will be doing random group champ spawns and events each day

KLUB KARMA - Nightclub Event with Zoe!
Friday August 30th, 7PM PST (-8:00 GMT)
Fun social event with a themed celebrity monster bash, fun for all!

Saturday August 31st, 6PM PST (-8:00 GMT)
If you are interested in participating please sign up by creating a post below with your character name and your teammates character name. Sign ups will close on Wednesday August 28th, 2013 - so that I may announce the teams in advance.

MIDNIGHT VOTE PARTY - with prizes and event to follow as a reward for voting when the toplists reset
FULL MOON - Werewolf Event, Hosted by Dante
Late night fun at midnight, save the village from the ravenous werewolves and possibly tame one of these powerful creatures!

MONTEZUMA's REVENGE, Hosted by Dante
Sunday September 1st, 7PM PST (-8:00 GMT)
Montezuma's Revenge Event, Custom Champ Spawn and Boss w special prizes

We will be testing out some of the new Tokuno custom content, obtain karate belts and quest to earn the right to wear the prized Black Belt!

Monday September 2nd, 7PM PST (-8:00 GMT)
PVP with even gear, Naked Fist Fights, skill events
Lots of prizes and trophies to the best warriors!

FRIDAY THE 13th, Hosted by Dante
Friday September 13th, 7PM PST (-8:00 GMT)
Jason and the Crystal Lake Adventure, Search for the Lost Templar and other themed events, with rare items

Sunday September 22nd, Noon PST(-8:00 GMT), Hosted by Staff
THE GRAND AUCTION - We will also have house drops following the auction!

I also encourage player run events, so if you would like to participate, contact Dante asap

Watch the forums for event updates

Welcome our old GM JOKER back!  He will be running lots of events each week including Bomberman, Texas Hold'em, Hide n Seek and more
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