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August 22, 2013, 03:18:00 AM

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I have tried this chain for about 6 times now and each time it bug's out after you give 250 wood. Is this intended or is that a bug?

August 22, 2013, 03:27:10 AM
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I did this quest a couple of weeks ago.  I did not have any issues with it.  I did almost close the quest window after one of the turn ins before going all the way to the last page.  Make sure you read each window carefully.
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August 22, 2013, 07:15:01 AM
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I did it 2 weeks ago and it worked fine. Are you sure you didn't get the next one and not realize it, the first 2 in the quest chain are called the needs of many, but the 3rd one is making a contribution. Also are you doing the quest from Heartwood or quest castle, if its not working in one you may want to try the other location

August 22, 2013, 11:38:08 AM
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Pm me anytime for arcane circle once your all trained up.
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September 11, 2013, 07:35:19 AM
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Did mine in Heartwood with no issues. There's an alternate quest chain you can start in sanctuary. I realize you've got it done now...but newer players might find it useful. For the Sanctuary Discipline quest talk to Koole the Arcanist
For the Heartwood Patience quest talk to Aeluva the Arcanist

September 11, 2013, 08:29:27 AM
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Aeluva is also available in Quest Castle