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August 11, 2013, 07:30:29 PM

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UOE Schedule of Events

August 18th, Sunday at noon pst - Grand Auction
August 30, 31st, Sept 1st, 2nd - Labor Day Weekend, 4 days of events!
August 31st, Saturday at midnight pst - Montezuma's Revenge/Vote Party

We have made a ton of improvements since your last visit.  Our scripter Kyn has reduced save times to less than 5 seconds, no lag (34-60ms)3x faster than any other shard in the top 10!  We are also #1 on most of the topsites:)  We now have an online player average of around 120 and peak around 190.  You can see from all the feedback, players are very happy with all the updates.

Thank you for making us such a great shard and thriving community!
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