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July 22, 2013, 06:55:54 PM

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Hey all i just wanted to let everyone know i will be hosting an event on Thursday July 25th 6 pm PST at "The Boxing Ring" (in the snow mountains north of luna) Rules are in the house feel free to read them, if you want to register pm me in game or reply here!

1st- 1st place trophy and additional surprise box with special event item, 500 ED & 10 Million Gold
2nd- 2nd place trophy & 20 million gold
3rd-  3rd place trophy & 10 million gold

Unique consolation gifts for all who participate

Rules are pretty straight forward, No Shrouds, Robes, Talismans, Hats, Neck Pieces, Armor, Weapons, Shields, Or Spells allowed (just clothes and Jewels, NO MITHRIL OR PHARAOH'S SANDALS!). You're only allowed 2 bandages and 1 potion between fights, Get in the ring, start the duel fight when the ref says go!

(Single Elimination, No Hiding)

Build your suit, submit it for approval, have fun bring some friends and compete for some super rad prizes!
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