Author Topic: my time here on evo!  (Read 1301 times)

June 24, 2013, 12:39:01 AM

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Hi it's Taleon again with another forum post!  This one is gonna be about my time here on Evolution!  i have truely enjoyed my time here very much.  The staff is awesome! The player base is very helpful to new players.   the recent addition of Kyn is one of the best things that has happened in a long time!  The custom scripts the custom doom gauntlet and even his custom dungeon!  new monster AI  gets me excited!  for thoes older players that think they have done it all this will challenge even the most veteran player!  I am excited about the future and the things to come for the Evolution players base!   I applaud the staff for keeping the game new and exciting!   

July 15, 2013, 09:57:30 PM
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I would like to say thank you for all that has been done and is being done behind the scenes on this shard. All though I have complained before or asked alot of questions as to what's being done to take care of this or that. I have always appreciate all that is done on this shard. I really love this shard better than any other I have played. In fact I have another shard that I have billions of gold in my checkbook and every arty possible there etc. But only donated 1 time of $38.00 in 8 years of being there. If you know me then you know that is a little amount. It just goes to show how much I appreciate all you do and how good this shard is that I want it to be around for me and all to enjoy for a long time. Once on Christmas I watched other family's kids get so much I could hardly believe. But yet one of those kids started to cry because so and so got something that they did'nt get and I thought to my self WOW but yet so and so was not a selfish or bratty kid and was generally and great kid. My point being sometime we get so caught up in the action of life or something that we fall short of seeing the real point in something. Its not that we are bad or not appreciative but just so caught up into it. I hope if or when you guys get down thinking no one appreciates you this will help!!!