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July 16, 2013, 02:03:46 PM

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I have journeyed through many UO worlds. Lots are missing basic components, have unprofessional staff, and/or immature players.

If your looking for a free shard to call home this is the place for you.

I have to say this shard always has a fresh feel to it. new content frequently, professional staff that truely understands every aspect of the game, and the ability to make difficult decisions for the good of the server. the power to balance the gameplay better than any custom shard ive played. not to mention a diverse line of events for the fellucca dwellers and trammies alike. while you enjoy the current content there always something theyre working on that you can look forward to as well.

And it doesnt stop there. the whole player community is generally content and satisfied. there is a very active player base and always something to do and someone to do it with. The new players are excited to be here and the old players jump on any opportunity to help out.

Over all this is a very welcoming and exciting place to be.

I give 9/10 stars. you can have 10/10 when pet breeding comes back  ;D
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