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July 15, 2013, 09:23:07 PM

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Just started a week or so ago and have never played on a free shard before, but this is by far 1000 times better then any pay Ultima =)

The people in game are friendlier the staff is just simply amazing!

Let's talk about the staff for a sec. I have had direct communication with I think most of them already =) only because I'm a pain and a good donater. They have been right there within minutes to help me with everything I have asked of them. Almost every day I've been on 1 or more of the staff has been setting up or running some sort of Event which quite a few have been epic! Again im still new and if you are getting all of this out of me in just a week or two I imagine it's going to be even better in the months/years to come!!

Stay safe everyone one and life a glass for the "bosses" =) my name for them


Thank you for the compliments!  Im glad you like the shard and I appreciate the support:)
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