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June 28, 2013, 06:08:55 AM

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I've enjoyed my time here. Staff has been good. Zoe is the bomb! Such a sweetheart =) 

I do have to say though. That the folks on this shard make it the best place ever. I know most of the compliments are going to staff. And I think thats great. But without the players we have. It would be a ghost town.  And this shard has some of the best players.  Some strong headed ones. But they add spice to this shard as well.
With the new players that have been added to this shard recently. We have gotten a load of totally awesome people.  I have so enjoyed my time even more with the new players.  They have been great and so friendly. I'm so glad they have decided to come and give Evo a chance! Crossing fingers that all will stay for a very long time. Some have become very close friends of Anti- Hero and myself.  And I hope many more will come to our shop and visit.  I try to make time to chat with everyone who comes by. I'd like to get to know as many people as I can.  So many awesome people!

Thanks players for making this wonderful shard an even better place for me to spend my days and nights. *hugs* to all =)

Thanks to you  Staff for creating a great place that everyone can enjoy. Through bugs, exploits, removed items and the mass of changes( Or upgrades however you want to see it ). This shard just gets better and better.  Keep up the good work Kyn, I know your working your booty off trying to keep things smooth and in tip top shape. Your hard work shows. This shard is running amazingly and it just keeps getting better and better!

Dante, thanks for sticking with it. I know some people are just horrible to you sometimes. And its hard taking that bashing day in and day out. Then waking up the next day to another day full of hard hits.  Just keep in mind, we love you. And sometimes forget you are a person too and not just pixels on the screen.  I appreciate everything you have done, tried to do, fixed, flubbed, and headbashing trial and errors.  Its been fun. From testing new systems to  server restarts trying to get that darn ore spots static.  We have had some frustrating times together and some rather funny ones too.  Its been a ride that I hope doesn't end any time soon.

And of course the crazy Expo events. Talk about putting us vets to the test.. hehe what a wonderful idea. Tough holy moly tough. But whoot a challenge! Thanks hun for doing what you do. Keeping us all entertained =)

I can't say to much about Zeus. He's in the shadow's. Stalker maybe? Don't know. Great at getting pages taken care of. For sure!! He's the quiet one in the last booth taking notes on everyone for blackmail.. Yep thats it.. hehe  *waits for demands of gold*
Seriously though. Thanks hun. You have been amazingly helpful. I love getting straight up answers. And you always answering my few pages. And since I can't always get back to you with a thank you. Just know I do appreciate your help and the things you do here.
fyi.. I still miss my JOKER... haha had to throw that in there. Wouldn't be the same if I didn't

Hugs to all

July 12, 2013, 07:28:50 PM
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