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June 27, 2013, 01:22:18 PM

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Just a little over 3 months ago I was browsing the web looking to see if there were any free UO shards out there. I stumbled across a different shard than this one to start with and played there for a few days to see if it was anything like I remember from back in the day. It was pretty good for the most part, but the staff that was running that shard made it feel like I was playing in a penal colony, due to the fact that if you even mentioned anything about the staff there you were instantly jailed or banned. Guessing that shards staff developed an "I AM GOD" complex and had to make up for their lack of something IRL.
Then I heard someone on there mention UO Evolution ONCE AND ONLY ONCE, because it was then broadcast over public chat that that persons account had been IP banned from that server for talking about another one.
So I instantly pushed my IE9 icon and proceeded to look for UO Evolution to see what it was like. Well 3 months later I'm still here, so that has got to say something for the shard and the staff, because I'm not exactly the easiest person to satisfy when it comes to gaming. But this hard has been my UO home and will continue to be for a lont time coming(as long as Dante keeps it going :P ).
The people here are really nice, giving it a sense of a family atmosphere(with a few exceptions). Ive talked with many folks in Team Speak and have totally enjoyed my experiences while being here. Which at the beginning of July, I will be in the process of a long move and not sure when I'll be back on to bug you all, but know this.....YOU GUYS WILL BE MISSED while I'm not online.
The staff totally rocks, issues get mentioned, issues get fixed, new content being added, upgrades to the server being added, I love seeing a shard that wants to move forward instead of letting it set status quo.
But to the staff:
Dante, thank you for setting up and operating an amazingly fantastic shard for us UO people to play on and enjoy. Also thanks for gathering a support staff that makes us feel like we matter, and keeping on top of the server upgrades.
Kyn, thanks for all the hard work you have been putting in right along with Dante making this the BEST shard around. You're constantly taking the time to talk to us players about things going on and seeing what can be done to make thigns better.
Zues, Zoe, Expo and any other staff I havent mentioned(havent had contact with all of you yet), you guys really make us feel like we matter by answering pages as fast as you guys do instead of sitting back and saying "we'll get to your page when we feel like it." That makes a big difference in a community like this.
Thank you all for all your time and effort that you countinually put into this shard to make it as pleasureable to play on as it has been.
Thank you for all of the compliments, we all really appreciate it!
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yes i too came froma shard like that although not as stricked as that but depending on the staff you did get jailed or banned for not being pro shard.  but that was 2 years ago and im still here and as long as i have internet and this shard stay up ill most likely be here