Author Topic: How to loose an item with Razor.  (Read 1174 times)

June 27, 2013, 09:56:51 AM

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Equip/disarm bug.

Those who have used razor are aware, when you equip a weapon in my case, spear and shield, then unequip and equip say. axe and shield, or bow, sometimes, it bugs out. Most people reset there client, otherwise you might try shuffling the weapons and shield around in your inventory. This can fix this, how ever I have noticed, if you do this with say your loot bag open it can put the glitching weap or shield into that bag instead.

Two or 3 days back, I lost my precious precious bow to unknown unexplained reasons. It was concluded by a Staffer, the item is no longer in game therefor it was not insured (which i know it was) and it was stolen and name changed, or trashed it. Well I didn't believe either was the case but I had no evidence to prove this. Thankfully, the staffer was kind enough to rummage up a replacement, since I had just lost a 400 or so ED (paid with real money btw) bow. How ever, I accepted that I was going to get a hand crafted replacement, with what ever stats it come out with, + the stuff i would had ed'd on it.

Fast forward too today. Was champing switched between weapons, double clicked a corpse looking for a gargoyle pickaxe, left off the corpse then double checked it, my new bow was in there, wth? Conclusion people, Razor cannot be trusted! I wants you too loose your stuff.
Use macros at your own risk

Remember, there are many amateurs creating scripts and many of them do not work or cause issues in-game.  Losing items can happen
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