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June 23, 2013, 04:02:48 PM

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I would like to thank the community for all of the nice praise.  Here are some of the private msgs and emails over the last year that I would like to share with everyone!

From: Blight
"Dante you and the rest of the amazing evo staff truly are in a league of your own with dedication and always providing the best damn uo shard ever"

From: Jaded
"p.s I luv Evo, you guys have done such an awesome job...evo has come such a long way in the 2 years i have been here !! you have battled thru all the stress that has come with running this place and I admire you for sticking it out for a game that you obviously luv :) and the new scripter seems to be just what you needed  8) I also have a soft spot for expo and his awesome dungeons  :) "

From: Morganna
"...this is truly an amazing shard, so much to learn here compared to my old UO days.  We appreciate your time and dedication you have put in here for me and my family to enjoy..."
From: Kryptic
"I do have the utmost admiration for the EVO staff for providing a shard that is not ran like a dictatorship. The hard work all the staff has put in to keep this shard fun and filled with things to do, places to explore, treasures to seek. For me personally this is still the shard I am happy to call home as many who play on this shard do too. So keep a smile on your face Dante and your staff and just keep plugging along and know that all that you guys (and gals) do is appriciated"
From: Blackrose
"...the staff is awsome and very helpful"

"I would just like to say, first impressions mean alot. Once I started on this shard, I was automatically hooked. I came from playing other shards, kinda just bouncing around, fulfilling my uo empty void that UO once held with a frozen grip. Then I stumbled across this shard, 6 am, 30 mins till work with no sleep. LOL. To my amazement I have to say I respect the hard work the group of individuals who put together this shard and provided an environment for like minded individuals to share and enjoy. Everything, from and new players area, to teleporters, crafting, pvp, tons of custom content. This is the place, my UO holy grail. So if this is read by any of the admins/owner...A toast of gratitude for your hard work and creative minds."
From: Bohdi
"Love the shard and the staff"
From: Satan
"The Staff is awesome, the features are cool, everything is fresh and new. I've been playing UO for over 12 years and this looks like the best shard I've ever seen."
From: Droid
"thank you to all the staff that put in there time for everyone to enjoy UO"

From: Gravefist
"All around a wonderful shard!"

From:  James Holland
"Best shard ever!"
From: Blondie
"i so love this shard"

From: Shrek
"TY Dante for not being a dick-tator and for treating us all like you really care about the players and the shard.  The *** guild appreciates all the hard work and supports you"

From: Skywalker
"thanks for making UOE a great shard and creating a great community"
From: Soronume
"This is a place I'd like to plant my roots into and I do feel that you're working hard to build the community from your end. Dable is a player here of whom I hold in high esteem and he had nothing but great things to say about you and all the things you've done to improve the shard everyday"
From: Keldon
"Dante and staff have been nothing but the best!  They are online a large amount of the time and they actually talk to the players.  Several years ago I was on a free shard where it was basically impossible to talk to the top devs/owner.  This level of personal interaction makes this shard feel like a home instead of just something to fill the time."

"Our family is having such a good time on your shard, this brings back so many fun memories for me and my husband and our kids love it too!"

From: Loial
"It's hard to believe you(and your staff)can keep making this better than the original"

From: Savant
"Would like to take the time to say I love the shard. The staff is always prompt in every aspect. The custom quests are great as well. Great Job to Expo on your new dungeon, I am anticipating its full release.  The developers did a Great job with Factions, Doom - Gauntlet, Dante's Infero and everything else you have touched.  Dante thank you, the shard is amazing.  Cant wait to see what comes next."
From: Knightmare
"I just have to say you guys are all incredible!  The staff is very attentive, the developer makes great new adventures each week, Dante's events are always fun and often!  I have never donated to any free shard before, but you are getting my 50 bucks!  Keep up the good work"
From: Stormbringer
"Thanks for making this such a nice place to play"

From Emperor Norton
I haven't played UO in years, but LOVED OSI from 97-02, and then continued to play various "Ol' Skoo" servers here and there.  I have never played an AoS server, and have been curious as to how they "play".  So I checked out a few of the Top 100, Evo being one of them.  Within minutes, I was greeted with friendly players who helped me out with a few tips and gear.  About an hour or two later, I enjoyed my first staff run event. The staff run events are great, the majority of the community is awesome.  I've only been here for a few weeks and I have gotten excited to log in after the two new publishes I've seen to check out the new content. 

From Sturger
"To all involved in making the Evolution Shard what it is, I thank you, you have breathed new life into me. Given me back a better version of a game I grew up on (since I was fifteen) and still love more then any new game out there."

"Most impressive of all, is the quality of community present on the shard itself.
Your server is the best I have seen, I hope to enjoy it for a long time!"
From Gerion:
"Thanks for the warm welcome, first hour of playing here feels like the first time I played Ultima. Great :D "

Fron Hexx:
"I would also like to say that this is truly one of the nicest shards I have ever played on. Thanks again."
From Gandathia:
"Dante, as always you are a pleasure.  I do believe I owe you a periodic donation for all of this grandness.  It did take time, energy and money to bring about.  Jero and I appreciate being a small part of your grand world."
From Ultimatum:
I have played Ultima since it's inception and have been a diehard fan.  I have played every official shard and most of the free shards and I have to say I am truly impressed with Evolution.  From the warm welcome, friendly community and exceptional custom development you could not ask for a better place to experience the game.  I would actually dare to say, this is better than the original!

From Grimley:
Ty for the one i've played in 12 years
From Winter Rose and Oslin:
From Sinderella:
Your shard is so addicting, there is so much to do!  I read the wiki and cant wait to buff up and play with all the custom additions
From Panda:
You are very welcome, this shard is worth supporting and we appreciate your passion and dedication to our favorite game.  I wish I could help more!  Keep up the good work!
From Rowan:
I just wanted to let you know this shard ROCKs. I vote on 4 dif sites everyday.  Thank you again for everything

Brachus Orgjaine:
Your events are amazing man. Real good job.  I am switching to Evolution full time because of it

Today was awesome even though I didnt get anything cool but I had a blast.  Highly impressed with your server and just wanted to let you know 4 friends of mine came over now because of the great job you do!

Dante, once again after playing uo since beta this shard is one of the best I have played.  Your gms are cool and you do an awesome job of keeping it interesting

I love this shard already.  Excellent work.  In all my 10 years of uo, I havent't seen a shard that comes remotely close to this one

Malkes Talren:
I just wanted to thank you and the rest of the Evo staff for working so hard to make a great place to play an updated version of the game we all love.  Thank you.

Thank you, this game makes me feel young again.  I love all the new improvements and dedicated staff.

This is the best version of UO that I have ever seen!

Thank you Dante. You have made me very happy. Best shard in west.

Love the shard :D

Jimmy Buxton:
Very impressed with staff in my first 10 minutes of playing, never filed a report for my problem, staff member had overhead my question in global chat and pm'd me a solution, also fixed my issue. Awesome support!
Thorgal Pain:
Big hand to the staff of this amazing shard! When most would have called it quits, they work even harder to get the job done and always go beyond expectations and are dedicated to making things right for the players! My thx to you Dante, Zoe, Zeus and Expo! You guys make this shard the best one i have ever seen.

Sturger complimenting GM Expo:
I am a fan. This shard is awesome, and it's staff like you and Kane/Dante that make it more fun each day.

MarrieJane Pots:
I've played UO for 13 years and never donated to any other shard but
this one.  I love the custom stuff here, i'll be staying

Lord Rahl:
The dev team here has all done an awesome job...

Lord Rahl:
This team actually makes you look forward to something because it will be real time made and supported, something the big buisnesses just can't do. EA has let me down countless times, Evo never =P

Lady Shay:
I have been bouncing around from Shard to Shard for years, Been on UO since my neighbor showed it to me 15 years ago, and I have to say, to this day, there isnt any other game out there like UO, which is why I think so many folks return, you just cant beat it, a game that lets you do everything whenever you want.  Glad I found my new home--->EVO for life<--- 

Lady Shay:
UO Lifer and EVO is my Home

Emperor Norton:
The staff does a great job responding to our questions here, and do their best to incorporate player suggestions, this shard really is one of a kind.

"This is by far the nicest, well-run, custom shard I have ever played

on, and I have tried them all!"

"Great job, I am having a ball..."

Orb says:
"I gotta say thanks for all that you do...there is no place like EVO"

Orb says:
"OSI was good but you guys made it awesome!"

Teddy Bear:
"Thank you very much, this is the first server I donated to due to the very good staff and nice players like Domino.  I usually like to earn and gain myself but you guys deserve more:) Peace"

"Great shard, I love this place already!"

"You and your team are great programmers"

" the new content each week"

"Thanks for a great shard. Better than UO was back then"

"I happen to love this shard Dante, I have played dozens of shards, and honestly this is the best shard I have played.  Great staff and great players.  Very friendly and lots to do"

Crimson Reign:
"I want you to know Dante, I gave up League of Legends, EVE Online and WOW to come back to your server full-time.  Good Job!"

"Thanks for giving me such a nice welcome to the shard.  Been here 1 month and I'd say best shard and community since OSI"

"Thanks for sharing your hobby with all of us...UO has never been this good.  It's the reason I cant stay away!"

"Kane, Sage, Thallos and the rest are so awesome and great, I love the shard.  Thank you so much for bringing this shard to life."

"I love what you guys have done with this shard, best I have been on and more enjoyable than the other MMOs.  You guys have done a great job."

"You and your team have really done an excellent job on the shard, brings back so many memories from my youth."

I just wanted to tell you and your staff ty for letting my family play on your shard - this is a great shard!

"You rock dude, this shard is so huge!  You did a really good job!  I've played many shards, but this is the most complete ever...I'm from Italy...this shard is precise and no lag for me! Love that here.

Shadow Walker:
Dante, I'm so proud of you, Zoe and staff.  You have taken a wonderous dream and made it into reality,  ty for including me in the family here on EVO

False Prophet:
This place is outstanding.  I think it's time to convince all my OSI buddies to jump ship and play here.

...always played POL servers before...already in this day alone, I found the players and staff a million times more friendly and helpful.

I'm trying to convince my guildies on UOF to give this shard a try.  Everyone here is so nice too.  I have no complaints.

This server is the UO i've always dreamed of!

I haven't has this much fun in UO in many years, great server you got here!

"Your team has done a great job.  This server is very polished.  I am grateful for your hard work.

"This shard is great!  Your team should have been running the official shards from the beginning, Evolution is so much better that they could ever accomplished:)


"I used to play, I felt like they ruined the game after 3d.  This feels like my teen years again.  You did a really good job

"I have never been on a shard that has a more welcoming and friendly staff, let alone a shard owner that sends Christmas Cards.  You and the staff are awesome!

"Once again you and the staff continue to SHINE!!!  You are the best

The shard looks great and love the help from the staff and new player guild"

"This place is PERFECT!  I love this place! You have custom items DAMN!  I love it here!"

"I'm going to do something I have never done on any shard!  I am going to donate!

"Well Dante, let me tell you bud, I'm overwhelmed when it comes to your shard.  I can't wait to experience everything it has to offer

Thanks for making and maintaining such a great shard

Akaria Alveren:
I play not long here but I love this shard.  I speak with my old guild and bring all here

UO Addicted:
"I am so happy, I want to thank you for supporting my mall project and making it happen.  Once again EVO goes way beyond my expectations.  i will help a million noobs in your honor!  Domino rocks at deco!

"The amount of content here is unbelievable.  Also nice to meet the owner, never happened before!

"I saw your website + was so incredibly impressed, I joined immediately.  Really nice of you to personally welcome me to the shard

"I know you have heard me say it before, but this really is better than the original production shards, there really is nothing like Evolution, EVO IS THE BEST!"

Donovan Shirk:
"Just joined a couple days ago. You guys really revitalized UO. I went back to OSI last year (as all us old uo gamers do). I love this server. So fresh and good feeling. Really brought the fun back for me. If anybody sees me around I'm Al Pacino. Great work team. 5 years and still bringing in happy new players. Here's to another strong year to your team of excellent devs and gms:)"

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Would like to take the time to say I love the shard. The staff is always prompt in every aspect. The custom quests are great as well. Great Job to Expo on your new dungeon, I am anticipating its full release.  Great job with Factions, Doom - Gauntlet, Dante's Infero and everything else you have touched.  Dante thank you, the shard is amazing.  Cant wait to see what comes next.
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Here are a few more from the last month, thank you all for the compliments!

Amazing shard, I'm already addicted!

...I particularly love the roleplay storyline quests, we have been having a lot of fun.  Keep up the good work

If I knew your shard was this nice, I would have quit my other shard a year ago

...also thumbs up to your awesome staff

I just wanted to say how nice the community has been to me this week.  The NEW player guild showed me around and rescued me several times. The  staff has been wonderful, I especially want to say thanks to the Admin Zoe for her warm welcome

I've never seen gms on a shard give such good customer service or have so many events, I love you guys!

Kane is a great addition to the team!

I was confused on how to get your patch. a big ty to dante for the tech support, he solved all my issues through teamviewer and was very professional, great shard. it was worth the time to download the patch. I found my new home.

Ty for giving me a place to find awesome people and make friends that I will keep for a very long time.  My hats off to you Dante, you are an amazing person.

Your the best! I hope to be here forever!

August 12, 2016, 02:03:58 PM
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Here are some compliments about UO Evolution on Reddit

[–]JoinUO 4 points 2 years ago
JoinUO is a popular Top Ultima Online Freeshard list that will help you decide on which shard is best for you

[–]WalterGodDamnWhite 2 points 2 years ago
Just a little update for everyone- Tried a handful of shards and have settled with UO Evolution. Great community and tons of custom content. Halfway to GM'ing all my skills.

[–]Kamakazireject 1 point 2 years ago
I'd highly suggest UOEvolution, I have been there for about a month and a half and am still not bored, im currently working on some of the harder quests and beat some of the easier, but in all honesty, UOE is the best server around by far

[–]uoevolution 6 points 2 years ago
UO Evolution is ranked the best custom freeshard on over 30 ultima online toplist sites. Check out the website at

[–]uoevolution 0 points 2 years ago
If you are a scripter and an old shard owner you will really appreciate UO Evolution, we are active developers, 600+ custom scripts, new graphics and have been online over 3 years

If you like Dungeons & Dragons, you will love UO Evolution, Ultima Online Shard.  The developers are heavily influenced by that RPG

[–]jointmasta 4 points 2 years ago
Very hand on staff. consistent updates and publishes, everywhere from hardware to in game content. great helpful community. so much to explore and learn.

[–]WinterRose1 3 points 2 years ago
Tons of custom content, shard administrators take a great amount of time to help new players, as well as answer pages in a quick manner. Server down
time is almost non existent, making the gaming experience more enjoyable. True Ultima Online with a twist.

[–]PatCloutier 3 points 2 years ago
Best UO experience i ever had! Great friendly staff, always adding new quality content. Without a doubt the best shard i ever played on and proud to call my home!

Here are some compliments about UO Evolution on[/size] Facebook‎Wolfgang Vonblack‎ to UO Evolution - Ultima Online Free ShardHello All, I was playing UO back in the 90's I enjoyed the game alot. I got away from UO when WoW came around but this year I really wanted to find a game that I would enjoy. I thought of UO found this shard and have lost all my free time...this is the way I remember UO, the community is great and helpful. if your tired of blood and guts games that come with built in cheat codes, try retro gaming you may be surprised when you look up from your computer and it 3 am

Patrick Peninger [/font]
truly the best and most extensive Shard out there. thank you dante and other staff for all the hard work yall have put into this for us players. i first hand know how hard just making a shard and adding/editing/creating scripts for the server. took me 8 months to get a shard up bug free. in the end i lost hope.. lol i truly admire you and the rest of the staff.Bradley Rugg Great place to play with great people

April 17, 2019, 09:26:34 PM
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  • Dante - Shard Owner

Reddit Posts for Evo
UOEvolution is Awesomesauce!
submitted 33 minutes ago by irishmike76

I've been playing on UOE for a little over a month now and I have to say I am having a

great time. The GM"s are always on and doing things with us, theres PVP if ya want it ,

tons of events one of my favorites has to be " The Hunger Games " I've met nothing but

very cool people since i've joined. I am so glad I chose UOE to start playing Ultima Again

as I had taken like a 10 year Hiatus from playing regular UO due to being unhappy with the

service EA was giving after they took over. Thank you Dante ,and everyone else at the UOE

team! you guys rock!

"UO Evolution" Rocks!!!
submitted 9 minutes ago by Lady_WhiteHawk
I Have Played Many Online/Offline Games But, I Always Play UO. I Just Need To Say I Have

Found A Server, That In My Book, Rocks The UO World "UO Evolution." There Is Not Only So

Much To See & Do But, The Staff & Players Are Right There To Help You Out Should You Need

It. I Have Tried A Few Servers & None Of Them Come Close To The Quality Of, In Game Life,

That "UO Evolution" Provides. If You Play UO Try "UO Evolution" You'll Switch Just Like I

Did. If You've Never Tried UO Try "UO Evolution" First You'll Love It!

Awesome server with a ton of features
submitted a minute ago by Voriana
I've been on UO Evolution for a little while, trying other shards here and there, and I am

absolutely blown away by the sheer amount of custom content with this shard and the number

of events going on all the time. There's a reason why there are hundreds of people on all

the time! Furthermore the admin staff are EXTREMELY helpful and quick and go above and

beyond. 15/10 highly recommend!

-Iago Venport

Best of the Best!
submitted a minute ago by Tandryst
I am a long time UO player and have been on many player ran shards but UO Evolution takes

the cake! Friendly present staff, awesome customs and a great player base is why I'll stay

here! No other shard has even come close. So many things to do and places to see! I've

been here about a year and a half and I'm just getting started on it all! Come join us!

Very Good Server with great staff
submitted 2 minutes ago by firettvwatcher
I was a returning player to Sosaria after many years off. I played up through the Samurai

Empire expansion on the OSI servers. In coming here I have found the game very fun, and

the amount of detail involved with the custom content rivals and exceeds that of the OSI

clients. It is an amazing world and the staff have been top notch, for example in a recent

crash (that is not common) the staff went above and beyond to make it up to players for

any time invested and lost. The staff has many hosted events and keeps certain areas

themed for the holidays as they change. If you are looking for a new server, or a new game

I HIGHLY recommend this shard. If there are questions the staff can help you get the

program client set up and then you are off adventuring. Trust me there are no negatives I

have found to this server, or better yet dont trust me. come see for yourself. see you in

the shard.

May 27, 2019, 11:29:04 AM
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  • Dante - Shard Owner
Jerry Martin - Hey Dante!  I just wanted to brag a little on your staff. Through my newbie process, they have been exceptional and so helpful with their guidance. I would be still swinging and missing in all aspects if this game if it weren’t for them. Thank you and I hope you will also convey to them how much they are appreciated by me and the other newbies.

Dante - tyvm for the compliments!  The staff appreciated it!                                                                 

Jerry Martin - You are welcome and might I say I am proud to be apart of your shard and all that you have created. I’ve loved this game, although I’ve never been a top player at it, since it was created and it is still my favorite game of all time. Thank you again for providing us with a safe place to play and escape. Hope to see you in game sometime. Take care! (player=Nitram)
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