Author Topic: 3 pvp balance principles  (Read 1074 times)

April 27, 2013, 01:20:06 PM

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1. A properly prepared and knowledgeable player should be able to defend him/her self. If you can kill another player from start to finish without them having any chance of defending themselves *Assuming they are properly using all the tools available to them to do so* then this is imbalance and requires fixing.

Example- Stunning a player to death from start to finish with no way to break or block the stun and no way to fight back.

*note* if there is a way to defend your self available in game and you CHOOSE not to use it, that is your fault not an imbalance.

2. A properly prepared and knowledgeable player should be able to kill another player *Assuming they are properly using all the tools available to them to do so* if this is not true then this is imbalance and needs to be fixed.

Example- Players achieving 100% damage immunity, or enough healing that they are in actuality unkillable by any means would be considered imbalance.

*note* if you go into combat with a practice weapon and can't kill someone that is your fault for not properly preparing not an imbalance.

3. Players should not be able to kill another player who is properly using all the tools available to them in a single hit be it via spell or weapon.

*note* This is the most variable rule, i think we can all agree that dying to 1 hit is a bad thing but exactly how many successful hit's is required to kill another player can vary a great deal however this is something that should be determined by the shard owners.

*note2* If you go into pvp or pve wearing no armor and get 1 hit killed that is your own fault for not properly preparing not an imbalance.

There we go, i tried to keep the rules relatively simple but far reaching. These rules work especially well in ultima because of the way skills work, you are not restricted to a single play style or skill set, all options are available to you. If you choose not to use them then you will lose to players who do as you should.

These rules give more power to the players to determine what is effective and what is not, high level pvp and pvm has always and will always be about using every tool at your disposal to maximum effect if you choose not to use these tools then you should not expect to be as effective as those who do.

April 27, 2013, 01:36:35 PM
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My purpose in writing this was to create a set of rules that both players and GM's could go to break down a *balance* problem, both in pvp and pvm to see if it is really a problem with imbalance or just a game mechanic requiring players to innovate a solution.

April 27, 2013, 01:54:39 PM
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You make good points all around. This is a very basic checklist to begin evaluating if something poses a problem.

Also very important, you touch on being prepared and informing yourself. No skill cap means you are not limited by any one build, just your own willingness to learn about game mechanics and apply them. There are extensive resources online about every aspect in UO -- it's up to you to make that extra effort to improve yourself. I've been on Evolution just shy of one year and still learn new things almost daily.

Balancing should never mean dumb everyone else down to match a limited play style. If you run into a road block, continuing to bang your head harder against it rarely gives the result you want. Do some research and adapt.

May 01, 2013, 02:01:10 PM
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Agree with Minos.  Understanding all skills might help " other " players defend themselves.   Now If I am using Ninjitsu Magery Healing Swords Tactics Eval Magic Resist and Necromancy in forms of pvp and " other " players want to use a sword and bandages, by all means go ahead.  The outcome will be -----> I win.  Step off the 2 lane highway and jump on the Interstate. It is a lot faster and more effecient.  Under the PvP Discussions thread I have made a post telling everyone on the shard " If you would like help, ASK ME" . No one has come forward but Muller.  I also believe pvp was not unbalanced before.  Political Correctness even on a video game.  *FACE PALM*  Well I am off if anyone needs help learning how to pvp still, message me. I really could help players become a lot better.  They just need to swallow their pride. Have a nice day.

Captain Savant