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April 23, 2013, 09:47:39 PM

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Coming in the next couple weeks I will be starting a pvp event called the Friday Night Fight Club. Anyone can join this even and will be a combination of many styles of pvp rotating from week to week. One week will be one vs one, team battles, naked fist fights, two vs two, and Free for All matches.

 Friday Night Fight Club Rules
1.     No Donation Pets(No Vollems, Werewolves, Royal Steeds, Evolution Dragons, ect)
2.     No Donation Items(Druid Books, Portal Stones, Sockets, ect)
3.     Regular gear will be provided
4.     No trash talk what so ever.
5.     No accessories(Robes, rings, bracelets, talismans are not allowed)
6.     No trapped pets allowed.
7.     Pets must be level 1, generation 1. Maximum of 5 slots worth of pets ONLY!
8.     No fleeing the arena. This is a death match.
9.     Decapitation is allowed but don’t rub it in.
10.   This will be a roleplayed event, so pick the role your character will play.
11.   Have fun and don’t ruin it for others.
12.   Failure to comply with these rules will disqualify you from the current match and depending on severity of the rule broken could disqualify you from future events.
13.   No Bio-Pets

Timothy Scott will officiate and oversee the fights and Dante will provide the prizes for the winners. This match will be a fair fight and hence why so many things have been restricted. Lets see who truly is the best pvper in the game and see how you measure up against each other in a fair and controlled environment. As said in the rules, gear will be provided and will be the same gear everyone else has. Events will start at 6:30pm Central Standard Time.

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