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March 25, 2013, 03:26:12 PM

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Well lets discus weapons !!

First if you click the Ka Nife near your feet in your paperdoll it will have a list of what has what ability =)

Champ weapons, the good ones , have Whirlwind ability , Life/Mana Leeches 40+ and hit lower defense 40+
Your gonna want to put self repair 3-5 depending on what you champ , 5 for slimes cause they have acid armor which will kill your weapon quick..
Put only 10% hit spells and areas , youll be hitting multi targets and it checks each
Spell Channel is a good one too.

Use Vamp form for added life leech and immune to most poison , also use Consecrate Weapon on the harder guys resistances like poison eles.  Use Curse Weapon on hard hitting for even more life leech.  =)

Base Element I like Verite or Valorite because it does a wide range of damage types for all the resistances you'll be fighting.


Youll want a nice high hit spell (not dispell) higher Hit lower defense mainly but hit lower attack is nice too.  Remember if they have Hit Chance Increase 70+ and or Defense Chance Increase 70+ the hit lowers that effect them areas wont effect them.   Leeches are ok but in a long fight only... so don't worry about getting them as much on the base weapon.  You'll want to max hit lowers on creation because they take 8 points per , to where the hit spells only 5..  Max Fireball first because we all,  even elf, have 70 fire max , lightning second  then harm , arrow does not do much but hey  a hits a hit..  No areas are needed in PvP.

Base type of weapon should be based on what abilities you like, Mortal strike is a good one =)

Base Elemental Damage for PvP should be anything without Phys damage.  try for Poison , Fire or Ice  cause we all max at 70 for that , don't need to spam that Consecrate (although it helps)

Im sort of new to the PvP so I hope we can get a nice Vet PvP'er to post some basic ideas.....


You could build a PvP suit and an PvM suit if you wish but for the most part the items are the same..

Magi Robe OR Vamp Robe
Magi Arms
Magi Neck / Gensis
Pirate Earrings / Elements
Chest of anything you like.. Astro Daemon is good.
Legs of anything you like... Astro Daemon is good.
Skull of Vecna / Astro Daemon.
Talisman of Flame , Mythral , or Bloodwood
Ring of what you need  lol ( I use Crystaline Ring. )
Bracelet of what you need ( I use Grizzled Clasp. )
Green Tunic
Antiquity / Hardworker
Mirrior Shield
Stealthy Boots (1mil on gray stone in red city) or tomb sandles.
Magi Cloak

Most of this is quested or looted , so they wont be too expensive =)

This is generalized equipment used in both PvP and PvM  to really have them shine you can get sockets on them , up to 5 on the ones you can socket..
I recommend 2 healing , 2 parry , one anatomy , or 3 parry.  per item.
Sockets from High end Large BoD Smiths , random if rewarded 1-5 sockets.  Augs looted allot from spiders in dreadhorn/mushroom cave with pets killing and luck suit on.
Or buy with ED 50 per empty socket , or if you have the aug already 50 to put it in.  OR Buy the aug for 50 and another 50 to put it in.  From what I hear you DONT need an empty socket to put an aug in with GM help for 50ed.  But still max 5 per =)

I could be way off but it works for me  lol
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