Author Topic: Shard Update March 15, 2019  (Read 335 times)

March 15, 2019, 08:11:44 AM

Offline Kane

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Version 279
Fishing Event Updated:  Improved debugging information provided
Fishing Event Updated:  New Strongbox for rewards, Admiral Essex (Chance for rare pirate jewerly being introduced)
Base Quest Item Updated:  Established default data
Nerve Strike Updated:  Handled Direct Damage correctly
Death Strike Updated:  Handles Direct Damage correctly (Max 50 unlike normal DD which is 35)
Weapon XP Deed Updated:  Added some display information to the mouse over
Cloak of the Dragon Claw Added:  2nd item for the new craft system, this item is being used to test introducing the crafting of temp high end gear.
Base Armor Updated:  Added properties for temp gear.  (Temp Gear cannot be socketed)
Craft System Updated:  Adding the small tweaks needed for crafting temp gear.
Trait System Updated:  Added first pieces for the new poison system being introduced.  Still need to add some additional functionality to get this working smooth and curing poisons but I know what needs to be done now.  As I get time this week should be able to clean this up.
Poison - Necropolis Fever Added:  First poison being added that will be used for Poison Strike spell (Not connected yet)