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March 01, 2019, 10:43:20 AM

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Dantes Condition Update

As many of you know, Dante had emergency open heart surgery this month. 
He is very sorry for all the shard disruptions and lack of customer services.  This surgery disrupted the February events and auction. He was unable to use the computer for over 10 days, so please dont take it personal if he did not respond to your messages and donations.  He will get with everyone and correct any mistakes or issues

There were a lot of rumors about the shard closing, but it is actually the opposite.  We are expanding the content each week and hit a record players online over the 8th anniversary in January, so again no worry, UO Evolution is not going anywhere, we love this place!

Thank you all for the nice messages and prayers that were sent to Dante

He is doing fine now and recovering. 

He is now able to get on the shard and answer pages again so you will see him return in March

He will update the Events for March and be back to normal asap

Dante plans on making some annoucements soon
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Get well soon Dante.  We'll hold down the fort til you are up and at 'em again.