Author Topic: Shard Update September 14, 2018  (Read 397 times)

September 14, 2018, 11:40:42 AM

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Versiom 253
Resistance Limits Updates:  These caps can now be altered based on items and situations. (One of the final pieces to a new poison system)
Big Fish Updated:  Actual weight in backpack has been decreased.
Fishing Event Updated:  Resolved an event starting issue
Artifact Repair Deed Added:  Allows the repairing of artifacts in game, each deed currently repairs 10-30 Points of Damage
Inscription Updated:  Allows the crafting of Artifact Repair Deeds if the player knows the recipe
Recipe Book Added:  Holds Recipes, both normal and custome
Admiral's Hat Added: (Admiral Hook)  This is not what I had in mind originally but going to let it stand.
Blood Earrings - Admiral Hook Added:  Stats are not random with this special item, 31 levels to complete uses blood diamonds
Powder of Kas Bone Updated:  Added both Admiral Hook items
Contract System Updated:  Issue with the system trying to restock contracts prior to the set time.
Pirate's Rum - Consumable Added:  Tiers 6 Max, each tier adds +5% to your Fire Resistance Cap for 1 hour (Bonus time with Admiral Hook's Blood Earrings)
Pirate's Rum Cask Added: Holds 25 uses of the above consumable, can be refilled.Shame Crafting Gear Updated:  Will no longer use double charges for durability and leech increase, this was originally by design however I think now a bit overkill
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