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August 01, 2018, 06:48:01 AM

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Some additional info for lost item issues:

------------------I lost my item!! Is it a bug?------------------
We investigate all the reports we get that include enough info to do so! Unfortunately many reports do not contain nearly enough info for us to persue.

If you have lost an item your FIRST action should be to read the wiki at or by Typing [wiki in game and navigating to Rules>Lost Items

The 100ED charge is non-refundable, reguardless of outcome, and is a preventative measure to prevent players from paging staff to find their items until they have throughly searched, and are sure their item is actually lost. Please be aware- this charge does not guarentee you will get your item back. If the item has been deleted (IE you trashed it by accident or it decayed)- then it is gone forever and can not be replaced. Another example of a scenario where the item exists but you can not get it back, would be if you lost it by not insuring it and it was stolen from your bag, or you died and another player looted your body. We can not in either of these instances tell you who has the item, nor return it to you. The other player obtained the item via normal game mechanics.

------------------Help us help you!!!------------------

Know the Serials of your peices. Every item on the server has a unique Serial number. With werable items you can find this by placing all your items on a your UOSteam Dress Agent: while wearing the items go to Steam/ Agents/Dress. Create a NEW Dress-1 > Import. The number next to each item beginning with 0x-------- is the Serial. You can write this down, screenshot it or trust UOSteam will save it for you. Repeat this pocess with any additional suits or items you use- such as crafting suits.

If an item is not wearable and you want to note it's identifer go to Macros> Choose the "Object Inspector" button on the bottom center left. Target the item: Note the Serial in the window that pops up. Good things to note the serials of are, keys and other non-blessed valuables that you carry.

------------------I Have Lost my Item and I have a Serial!------------------

Now if you lose an item and have gone through the steps on the wiki lost items section- you can page staff with the serial, and 100Ed and ask for a search. As previously stated, you may or may not get the item back, depending on where the item is and how it was lost.

------------------I Have Lost my item but I do not have a Serial!------------------

If you lose an item and have followed all the steps in the wiki, and would still like staff assistance to find your item take the following steps:

Have 100ED in your backpack.
PM staff with the following info:
-Exact time you realized your item was missing
-Exact time when you last saw the item, and EXACT place where the item was. If the item was not normally kept in the place you last saw it then-
-Place where you normally keep the item (IE- You normally keep the item in the blue chest on the bottom floor or your house but last remember seeing it in your backpack)
-When you first obtained the item (this can be general if it was a long time ago, but be as specific as you can if it was recent...("last tuesday morning" as opposed to "about a week ago"). If you obtained the item very recently and know it's history that may be useful for example, if you purchased an item within a week, the player whom you purchased it from, and when,  may be useful
-A complete description of the item, Name with correct spelling and capitalization.

IMPORTANT:Failure to provide as much of the above information may mean we are unable to search for your item. This specific information is required so that we can track down the item on a save. The save must be loaded (a time consuming process; therefore,  we need to know as much about where the item was at a specific time to know which save to load and where to look). We then track down the item, grab the serial number and search for it on the live server. As previously stated, you may or may not get the item back, depending on where the item is and how it was lost.