Author Topic: max healing speed?  (Read 457 times)

July 02, 2018, 01:47:15 PM

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Hey all, we recently joined the shard and I'm loving it!   I'm wondering if it's possible on this shard to essentially get instant heals with stacking dex (up to 220).  Looking over the wiki it states the following about healing and dex:

The formula to calculate healing speed is: (result should be rounded up)
Healing Self: 11 - (Dexterity / 20)
Healing Others: 4 - (Dexterity / 60)

At present, the maximum dexterity cap is 165; which can be gained purely via attribute points or a combination of attribute points & gear related bonuses. Any additional dexterity bonuses, over 165, are left out of the equation, until a negative factor alters the equation, requiring it to be recalculated entirely.

I'm stuck on what having the cap at 165 actually means and if additional dex is left out of the healing equation.

For example:  11- (220/20) = 11 - 10 = 1 = instant heal (hypothetically)...

does anybody have any insight to this?

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