Author Topic: Item/Material for use ?  (Read 711 times)

June 02, 2018, 01:31:09 PM

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Hi Friends,

First of all thank you for your support.....

I've below list of items, are they usefull/useable for quest or crafting ... thank you very much ....

Pretty Purple Easter Egg
[/size]Game Token
[/size]Samhain Mask
[/size]Organic Juggernaut Heart
[/size]Green Carrot
[/size]A Mysterious Neco Spell
[/size]An Unknow Noco Spell
[/size]Vomica Spell
[/size]A Fiendish Neco Spell
[/size]Love Poems By Elizabeth Barrett Browning
[/size]Love Potion #9
[/size]Crystalline Blackrock
[/size]Ellen's Lost Button
[/size]White Winged Sandals
[/size]Sandlewood Root
[/size]Brightly Colored Egg
[/size]Ink Gland
[/size]Maticore Tail
[/size]Pixie Legs
[/size]Dread Flute
[/size]Horn of the Dread
[/size]Enchanted Apple
[/size]McTavish's Adventurer Boot
[/size]Dread Horn Mane
[/size]Grapes of Wrath
[/size]Melted Snow Cake
[/size]gwenno grave gate key
[/size]A Page from Santa's Stolen book
[/size]Crystalline Fragments
[/size]Little Drummer Boy Drum
[/size]Stout Whip
[/size]red death mane

June 02, 2018, 06:59:15 PM
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All of those items are custom UOE quest items, read the quest section of the wiki