Author Topic: Shard Update April 13, 2018  (Read 576 times)

April 13, 2018, 02:45:44 PM

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Version 232
Item Binding Added: Interface for binding players/accounts to items.  Also allowing for limited duration binding, rebinding of items, binding delays and permanent binding(Like the black belt).  Relax this is not going to become a normal thing, just a few things I want some limited kind of binding on which is called minor binding, not perm.
BaseJewels Updated: First base to get binding added to it, just want to make sure things go smooth.
Power Crafting Updated:  Added new powder (1 while we test this new code)
Event Traits Added:  2 new traits for Easter
Enchanted Easter Egg Added:  Randomly applies one of the new traits that deal with tasks for 3 hours, can be used once per 2-8 days (Random).  Costs 50 Lep Gold per use
Package System Updated: Can now select from a list of hues
Task System Updated:  Expanded the staff command for more information
Glimmering Flint Added:  +5 Archery Augment (1 Slot, Armor and Jewerly)
Dispater's Iron Shield Added:  +5% Spell Damage Increase Debuff (This is a defensive prop that will lower the SDI of someone casting spells at you directly (1 Slot, Shield)
Pet Power Skulls Added: Select a Pet PS for 105, 110, 115, 120
Wild Practitioners Essence Added:  New powder used to increase the armor set (Morsax's quest gear).  I only released one of these while it gets tested and we make sure the math is right.  I did not do the quest and the info I had to work with has been limited. help me get this right and the other gear sets will get powders done.
Ring of the Guardian Added:  Copper and Bronze, rings that provide bonuses with crafting these special powders and using them. (These have minor binding) 
Spell System Updated:  Now handles the new augment, I am slowly going to roll out the new system in pieces so we can very specific parts at each step.