Author Topic: Stats Broken?  (Read 917 times)

June 03, 2016, 11:47:10 AM

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This is a sore subject for some of the Staff, & I truly appreciate all that they do, but it is an issue I cant keep pretending doesnt exsist, so please help.

Stat Altering, changing or gaining

Problem: Trying to change a characters stats str/dex/int.

How they Should Work:

General Info & Tips:

When crating a character, stats are gained according to which skills you use there is a table to help a person know which skills wrok which stat, for effiecncy on here:

or you can use stratics table here:

Using the tables, it will tell you to use say camping for example, if you want to raise Dex primarily & Int occationally.

Stats are gained aprox every 15-20 mins here on EVO doing this.

Now, if you’re a Vet & desire to alter your stats upon reaching your stat cap, you would unlock & up arrow the one stat you desire to increase & down arrow a stat you taking points from.  Take off your gear to prevent from gear even remotely possibly causing a problem & skill the appropriate skill(with that skills arrow turned UP), to encourage the mechanic to work properly.

Now, we are using Camping as the example, so, I obviously desire to gain in Dex (or Int, but I suggest finding a INT primary skill, for the mechanic to work better).  To gain my DEX, I would have to turn down STR, because it isn’t one of Camping’s primary or secondary Stats. Obviously, if I want to get my STR up & use my DEX points for it, I would use: Animal Taming, Bushido, Chivalry, because they are opposite Skills for this purpose.

Now then, this is all fine & good & is how it should work, I have used this technique for years (& in many many cases, it does work), BUT,

I have characters it doesn’t work for, skipping the Sage/Orb issue on creation, but alts & I have yet to have this work. I have worked a few for hours, for several days at my time of need, over the course of my time here on EVO.

I know of players the standard works for them, YAY! *does Happy Dance for them!*  but Im not the only 1 that has this issue & I am begging for the issue to be looked at, please?



July 24, 2016, 10:05:08 PM
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I second this issue. I am a seasoned player, playing on and off since 1998 on several shards. I have a miner char here that in near 8 hours of play has not gained a strength point. Or any other point for that matter. Is this the new norm for UO?