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Connect UO wihtout using third party programs.


Hey guys, i attach a file "Decrypted_client.exe", you can use it to connect UO Evolution without using third party programs such as Razor Assist UO etc... You need to copy this file in your ultima online folder. (same folder with original Client.exe). And you also need to simple edit your Login.cfg (this one is you already have it in the same folder, where is your UO installed).

Edited login file has to be looks like;

--- Code: ---;Loginservers for Ultima Online
;Do not edit this file or patching will fail!  Always save a backup.,2593

--- End code ---

Also here is the results for "Decrypted_client.exe" i attach:

And if you curious how i get this decrypted one? here is the Runuo forums link you may check;

Finally the decrypted file version is:


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