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June 26, 2013, 02:32:40 AM

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I started playing UO shortly after UO:R came out because I was broke and was looking for cheap entertainment.  I had a choice between UO and EQ at my local walmart and I decided on UO because of the freedom it boasted.

As I moved between MMOs over the last 13 years I never really felt at home.  I was always that outcast who people relied on but turned their back on quickly.  Through it all I ended up with only a couple people I could rely on and made one really great friend because of it.

But all of this never felt like a home.  It was pixels that some one else owned and they held me in their icy grasp.  At a moments notice they could and would wreck everything that I might love about the game.

a couple months ago I started looking at UO free shards (I refuse to give EA any more money) and I saw Evolution.  It read like what I always thought UO should have been so I gave it a shot.

From the first few moments I started to play I saw Kyn and Dante in the public channel opening talking about anything and everything with the players.  Over the last 72 days I have watched the fellowship that the core group of people on this shard have and how Dante and Kyn do everything that they can to foster this "family" type environment.

Every day during peak times I see the staff online and interacting with the population of this great shard.  They are always helpful and polite and doing things things to keep people involved (dungeons, hide and seek, champ spawns, etc.)

I know running a server is very hard work and at any given time any adult can get very childish.  I applaud the dedication of everyone who has and continues to work to keep this server cutting edge and running smoothly.

Tyvm for the kind words!
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