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June 04, 2013, 12:48:52 PM

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Hello PCR members.
I am looking to buy/trade mats, the price i pay is the price i will sell them, the goal is to have affordable prices for all EVO players and if possible, fully stocked vendors all the time, but without help i wont be able to meet the demand! Of course if any of you wants to sell me these mats for less i wont argue  ;)
The main objective is to get people to craft more and make each proffesion worth while. So if you have any suggestions about crafting, post them here, im talking with Dante about possible changes to help crafters.
Finaly, if you ever come accross new players who's soul purpose on UO is to craft or gather resources send them my way for recruting.

Iron  6 gp
Dull  9 gp
Shadow  11 gp
Copper  14 gp
Bronze  16 gp
Gold  23 gp
Agapite  26 gp
Verite  30 gp
Valorite  50 gp
Blaze  85 gp
Ice  115 gp
Toxic  130 gp
Electrum  270 gp
Platinum  1200 gp

Plain  7 gp
Spined  10 gp
Horned  12 gp
Barbed  15 gp
Polar  20 gp
Synthetic  30 gp
Blaze  50 gp
Deamonic  75 gp
Shadow  150 gp
Frost  300 gp
Ethereal  1500 gp
Plain  6 gp
Pine  7 gp
Ash  10 gp
Mohogany 15 gp
Yew  20 gp
Oak  30 gp
Zircote  40 gp
Ebony  75 gp
Bamboo  200 gp
Heartwood 300 gp
Bloodwood 500 gp
Frostwood 1300 gp
Garlic, Ginseng, Mandrake Root, Nightshade, Spider Silk, Sulfurous Ash  4 gp
Black Pearl, Blood Moss      6 gp
Batwing, Grave Dust       4 gp
Pig Iron        6 gp
Deamon Blood, Nox Crystal      7 gp
Thank very much and enjoy!
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June 05, 2013, 07:06:43 AM
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Offline Blight

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Fantastic list Thorgal.
I will keep reminding pcr members that gather/craft to get in touch with you. The more all members can assist the better, not only for the server economy but for our pockets as well! Hopefully we can start to make a change in the Evo economy and give crafters some good worth!

June 06, 2013, 01:09:13 AM
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I got a lot of wooden logs to sell, so i'm in.