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April 24, 2013, 03:09:33 PM

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I have reposted the rules for everyone to review, make sure you read them carefully. I want this shard to be fun for all and am trying to work on creating a large player base. If you are working against that goal here in the early stages of development, you are hurting the shard by pking...that being said, here are the actual rules:

Player vs Player

This shard encourages dueling and guild rivalries. The human element mixed with dynamic combat is one of the features of Ultima that makes this game so exciting.

UO Evolution allows PVP combat but requires "Player Killers"(PK)to allow defeated players to fully recover before attacking them again. This shard does not allow "Rez Killing" or "griefing" other players. We allow for good vs evil roleplaying and want the shard to be fun for all.

Do not camp out at spawns, moongates or player's homes

Cutting off heads is allowed after a kill, but do not do this during events or other type of gathering where this behavior would be considered unwelcome by the staff

Always try to be fair and consider how you would feel if the situation was reversed. If someone complains or is not having fun, then the rule of thumb is you were probably violating a rule

Do not target young, new or inexperienced players. Lessons can be learned without ruining a player's experience on this shard. Please use some common sense and common courtesy.
Never bully a player or intentionally try to run off a player either by actions or words. If there is a legitimate problem with a player, please notify a GM and let us take care of the situation.

Preface by saying that though a Murderer may be played, consistently thoughtless griefing will not be tolerated. Roleplaying type of conflict and competition are encouraged by UOE. Hence Red characters are a welcome element. It is a very grey, subjective area, however, between what is griefing and what is not. Murderers beware. Do not "rez kill". After a player has been defeated/killed, you must let them fully recover before engaging them again.

Dante note:
My wish is to keep pvp light with consentual players, develop pvp skill by tournaments and fun events for players that want to participate. As the shard develops a population I would like to evolve the PvP population in Felucca and have guild town and players that want this style. What I dont want is to see players killing off the new population and making people quit...

April 24, 2013, 03:55:08 PM
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Thank you Dante............

February 19, 2018, 12:42:36 AM
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On my previous shard newbies had immunity for certain amount of days before they were able to be killed by other players. Pretty sure it isn't hard to implement here.