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Shard Updates / Shard Update Sep 13, 2019
« Last post by Kane on September 13, 2019, 08:30:32 AM »
Version 303
Wine Crafting Updated:  Extended the base wine object to allow for inherit items to extend functionality
Deco Deeds Addded:  19 new items from Sayla
Bottle of Pirate Rum Added: New exciting drink for all your taverns nights and private parties!  Just like Captain Morgan but crafted without regulations or quality control in the way!!
Endless Bottle of Pirate Rum Added:  Like above except the party never ends
Eight Inch Cannonball Added:  Ever wanted to just toss an 8" Cannonball at your friend, now you can.
Twelve Inch Cannonball Added:  Has the features of the 8" Cannonball when not charged up, but at a charge of 5 Pirate Gold per shot it becomes a lethal weapon that you can level up with SOS Maps.  This may start out slightly weaker than a conflaguration potion but as it levels up it will become part of your new arsenal of tricks.  This uses both leveling up and throwing skill to enhance features and damage.
Coding Corner / UOS missing MSVCP100.dll
« Last post by Evolution on September 12, 2019, 07:37:50 PM »

How to Fix Msvcp100.dll Not Found or Missing Errors

UOSteam missing MSVCP100.dll

Msvcp100.dll errors happen when the msvcp100 DLL file is deleted or corrupted in some way.

Sometimes, msvcp100.dll errors can indicate a problem with the Windows registry, a virus or malware issue, or even a hardware failure.

Several different error messages can indicate an issue with the msvcp100.dll file
Help! / UOSteam missing MSVCP100.dll
« Last post by Evolution on September 12, 2019, 07:36:52 PM »

How to Fix Msvcp100.dll Not Found or Missing Errors

UOSteam missing MSVCP100.dll

Msvcp100.dll errors happen when the msvcp100 DLL file is deleted or corrupted in some way.

Sometimes, msvcp100.dll errors can indicate a problem with the Windows registry, a virus or malware issue, or even a hardware failure.

Several different error messages can indicate an issue with the msvcp100.dll file
UOE Herald / Kane's Five On Friday's [2019]--Magic Spells: Bushido
« Last post by Sturger on September 06, 2019, 06:12:49 PM »

   Good Evening, Kane’s Five on Friday fans. It has been 4 months since my adorable son was born. He is growing up so fast. His favorite thing to do is sit in his swing and coo/baby talk for hours at a time. He is almost as good as Agni-White-Flame when it comes to singing. But I digress, today’s topic is about the skill Bushido, and the spell group which most of us know and love to use every day.

Sturger: When it comes to Bushido spells, each page of the spell book raises various brow wrenching questions.

1. Are the honorable execution and counter attack (bushido) spells even viable on Evolution? Also, what is the duration for the Counter Attack (bushido) spell when active?

Kane: After looking through the dev logs, I can tell you that certain aspects of the Bushido/perfection system have been turned off. Honorable execution is one such item turned off at the moment. In addition to those facts, I am in agreement with you. The current, Honorable Execution, bonuses don’t function well on our custom shard. And if a bonus is always a factor of zero, then that is a mighty redundant bonus.

That said, I see no reason why a custom swing speed bonus of +0.25 couldn’t find its way into the current Bushido combat system. This would actually grant a swing speed bonus to the spell Honorable Execution, making things less redundant.

Sturger—Extra: This proposed bonus would drop a character’s swing speed down to 1.00. Effectively, under the effects of such an Honorable Execution swing speed bonus, a character could achieve 5 swings in 5 seconds.

Kane: Counter attack on the other hand, is a viable spell/weapon skill, from what I can see, code wise. When a character chooses this defense [which has a duration of 25secs], and parries an enemy attack, an immediate [normal] attack occurs (using base attack hit/miss values) outside of current swing speed limitations.

Sturger: When it comes to melee PvP, many veterans swear that all you need is a little Confidence, and a good leveled weapon.

2. What is the cooldown of the (bushido) spell Confidence; and can you explain the stamina and hit point regeneration bonuses provided to players who are not struck during the spells 4 second duration?

Kane: The cooldown for the spell Confidence is 25 second. When a character is under the effects of a confidence spell, and remains unstruck by his/her enemies, the bonus is as you pointed out to me on However, most bushido spells don’t scale past 120 because OSI parameters, for the Bushido skill, are still in place. This issue is something I am planning to work on soon. I’ll probably scale all Bushido spells up to around 240+ at first, including additional bonuses to the whole Bushido spell list where I see fit, and follow up with tweaks after I get enough player feedback for finite adjustments.

Sturger—Extra: One other thing I’d like to mention about the Confidence, spell, conversation. Kane pointed out that normal hit point regeneration and any regeneration gained from the Confidence spell is indirect. This would mean they are not stacking, but occurring simultaneously within their own system’s parameters. Both bonuses will [always] apply. Should a character have a Hit Point Regeneration bonus of [18] this would mean a character receives [1.8] hit points back every second they remain injured and alive. (current, (HPR), standards grant a character [18], or less, regenerated hit points every 10 seconds)

 While under the 4 second effects of the Confidence spell, and with 120 skill in the bushido skill, a character is granted a (HPR) Hit Point Regeneration bonus of [0.42 +15] Hit Points per second. This bonus is accurate up until the point the spell is interrupted—due to any form of damage—or the 4 second duration of the spell expires.
Sturger: Well now, I hope the next questions answer is a little simpler, then the last; as I didn’t bring enough paper to write a new book of Bushido. I am kidding, of course, I have plenty of blank scrolls.

3. What is the bonus to a character’s ‘Parry’ when using the Evasion (bushido) spell. Will the Evasion spells duration scale with current custom skill stacking maximums?

Kane: When applying the Evasion spell to a character’s defenses, a 50% bonus (which stacks with a character’s current—Bushido—parrying bonuses) is applied.  As you may already know, the Evasion spell has some custom code applied to its mechanics which mainly deals with character’s who have stacked their Bushido skill beyond 120; through the use of gear skill bonus or through gear augmentation. The parrying bonus of 50%, provided by the evasion spell, will still apply to a character’s parrying bonus with a Bushido skill total of 240+ or less.

Sturger: Thanks Kane, that’s a really good thing to know! Let’s keep things rolling. [activates Evasion spell] *combat rolls out of the way*

4. What is the actual critical hit, extra, damage associated with the Lightning Strike (bushido) spell?

Kane: The Lightning Strike spell does have the chance to critically hit a target, in addition to applying a 50% increase chance to hit. However, according to the development logs, this bonus is not in the form of additional damage. Instead, when a critical hit occurs, the player is granted an Armor Ignore special weapon mechanic. In the end, the character is ignoring all of the targets physical armor, and doing full damage.

Sturger: Our final question of the night is all about momentum, which is fitting, since Kane has been, on a roll, building up the suspense, & momentum, all night long.

5. What is the additional damage associated with the Momentum Strike (bushido) spell, once a player has slain their first target and the special attack is carried onto a secondary target?

Kane: The OSI standard for Momentums Strikes damage bonus—for slaying a target—was to increase a character’s total damage increase bonus to 100%, and then apply the damage bonus to the nearest secondary target. Unfortunately, the Damage Increase maximus are easily maxed out on Evolution, which makes the spell damage bonus N/A within our shard’s custom parameters.
  Again, this is one of those areas where I need a little time to work on a better solution to the lack of playability provided by the spell’s OSI standards. But I will say that my first thoughts, on how to better, Momentum Strikes usability is to grant an overall damage bonus versus a bonus to a player’s Damage Increase values.

Sturger—Extra: Again, Kane had more to say about this question. I asked him about the potential for progressing the original idea of the Momentum Strike spell, to include more than two targets and I was glad to hear he was okay with the idea. From what I could tell, it would require X amount of Bushido skill, and the more a character had to work with, the more likely a third or fourth attack could be applied, if enough targets were available.

  Indeed. After this discussion, I feel better. It would seem that Bushido has been under the weather, all these years for the lack of a better metaphor. I am glad someone had to nerve to ask Kane about it. It is certainly a lesson for us all to understand. Asking is often times the best way to learn, and if you ask the right person—in this case Kane—you are bound to find a great answer. Until next time, my inquisitive friends. That is all we have this time around.

      —Sturger— Editor UOE-Herald

                                               Five on Friday Extra’s

~~Kane: Most of the Bushido spells are based around a 120 max skill potential. The Evasion spell is currently the only exception.

~~Kane: The Bushido and Ninjutsu skills/spells need a few hours of work, and a healthy player perspective to create a balanced and long-lasting system of custom mechanics that mesh well with the custom feel of the shard.

~~Kane: Unfortunately, the Perfection bonus values granted by the skill Bushido, are currently listed as a to do. This was something I was not aware of, until we looked it up. I have made a note to fix these issues, when I have the time, in the next couple of weeks. When I do make changes, to the lack of Perfection mechanics on the shard, it will be to reinstate the OSI standard values; as long as I feel they reflect the shard current economic values/balance.

~~Kane: Yes. Certain spells, or monster--damaging effects, can lower a character’s resistances below 0.
Shard Updates / Shard Update Sep 06, 2019
« Last post by Kane on September 06, 2019, 07:49:36 AM »
Version 302
Dynamic Checking Updated:  Removed console spam for visual verification of the recent functionality
Deco Deeds Addded:  11 new items from Sayla
Everlasting Leprechaun Key Updated:  Resolved Cliloc issue
Leprechaun Key Updated:  Resolved Cliloc issue
Augment Added:  Glimmering Turquoise (+5 Vet)
Daily Event System Updated:  Data validation added to recent event type
Remove Task Delay Updated:  It was validating against an impossible situation.
Today System Updated:  Corrected process used to visually determine delays
Today System Updated:  Cleaned up a ton of little things but I still think there is one outstanding issue, I tested for it and it works so might of resolved the issue while cleaning up one of the other issues.  (We will do a small test this week to verify)
Death Announcements Updated:  Player vs Player deaths will be announced only in fel and if the killer or killed is in fel 100% of the time.  Outside of Fel will not see any notices
Travesty Updated:  Peerless Quest drop rate increased (We will be watching this to see if other adjustments are needed)
Bank Tile Updated:  Cleaned up some of the reporting code and process
Base Weapon Updated:  Evasion bonus was not firing in all situations, bonus now reflects type of weapon used (1h vs 2h)
Events / Pirate Month Deco Contest!! (2019)
« Last post by Domino on September 04, 2019, 02:53:24 PM »

Pirate Month Deco Contest!

Ahoy! All ye fine scallywags! This month we shall be holdin' a special house deco contest. Th' Theme will be nautical/pirate.

Thar will be no restrictions on house size, however; if yer entire house ain't decorated this may work against ye in judgin'!

A few rules:

HOUSE MUST be in theme wit' this months pirate month festivities!- It can be pirate, water, fishin', docks- anythin' nautical.

LAST day t' board will be Saturday September 28th! Winner will be announced September 30th!

PLEASE NO CUSTOM deco deeds!!!!

Houses will be judged on creativity, originality, imagination 'n th' arrrrr! factor!

How t' Enter: Place a rune t' yer house, wit' YOUR name on it,  in th' Red Mailbox at Domino's library, then [pm Domino t' let me know.

Prizes: Th' winner o' th' deco contest will receive 500ED 'n a gift bag includin' a Trophy.
Second and third place lewtz will be awarded!
Events / Pirate Ship Race for the Treasure!!
« Last post by Domino on September 04, 2019, 02:48:50 PM »
Finally the THIRD ANNUAL PIRATE RACE is announced!!!

28th of Sept. @ 5:30pm! Servertime

The object of this event will be to collect several items and get to the finish line while in your boat! After walking over a bank tile (which strips all your items and places them in your bank) you will be given A “Look like a Pirate-Feel Like a Pirate “bag which contains the following:
•    A Pirate Outfit
•    Pirate Race Book
•    A Pet Parrot
•    A Pet Bonding deed
•    10 Parrot Wafers
•    A Boat Key

The Outfit- Mandatory you must look like a pirate to compete in the Pirate Race!
Pirate Race Book- This book tells you where you will find the required items to complete the race as well as the location of the finish line.
A Pet Parrot and Bonding Deed- You do not HAVE to use the bonding deed on your parrot HOWEVER if he dies and you lose him he will not be replaced. You will be allowed to keep your parrot at the end of the event provided you bonded him and he did not die. *Note- these pets are not breedable and are simply a Pirate Month collectable
10 Parrot Wafers- This is the currency you use to purchase from a purchase stone,  items you may need to help you complete the race- be wise with your selections
A Boat Key- All the boats are docked in the starting area. You must find the boat that matches your key!

The Race begins the minute you get access to the purchase stone. Read the book to find what items you need and the location of the finish line. Remember, getting to the items will have their own perils!
The first person to make it to the finish line with the required items will receive pirate treasure and The Black Beard Trophy signifying exceptional pirating skills!
Every participant will receive a participation bag!

You may NOT SWITCH BOATS! ANYONE caught switching boats, shrinking their boat or using items not found on the stone will be immediately disqualified and not receive any participation bag! Boats will lose their hue if shrunk!
You may resurrect as many times as you are able using your one self res and sacrafice! ( it is advisable that prior to the event you ensure that you have a self res available- this is YOUR responsibility). If you die and are unable to res- you are out of the race! (You will still receive your participation)
PVP is allowed! You can only kill a player ON THEIR boat! (or on yours if they try to board you)  If you are able to board another player’s ship and kill them you may do so HOWEVER! You cannot kill the same player twice! If they res- move on!
UOE Herald / Kane's Five On Friday [2019]--Skill Caps
« Last post by Sturger on August 31, 2019, 08:46:00 PM »
    Hello all. Today’s topic is an old friend of mine. Some might remember long ago when I took the time to figure out Evolutions skill caps. My findings even made it to the—then— wiki guide. Well, tonight we shall be rehashing the skill caps, with Kane, and I am sure along the way we will learn something new.

Sturger: Let’s begin with skill caps related to magery, and all of its intricate secondary parts.

1. Is the skill cap for (FC) Faster Casting still [6]; for (FCR) Faster Casting Recovery still [8]; for (LMC) Lower Mana Cost still [40], and for (LRC) Lower Reagent Cost still [100]? Also, when it comes to (SDI) Spell Damage Increase for [PvE] or [PvP], is there a cap?

Kane: Yes, (FC) = [6]. Yes, (FCR) = [8] Yes, (LMC) = [40%]. Yes, (LRC) = [100%]. Currently, Spell Damage Increase is not capped for Player versus Environment; but it is capped, at [15%] increase, for Player Versus Player combat.

Sturger: Continuing on, we will now move to—Dexxer—melee combat related skill caps.

2. Are (HCI) Hit Chance Increase and (DCI) Defense Chance Increase capped at [45%]? Is (RPD) Reflect Physical Damage and common (DI) Damage Increase capped at [100%]?
  Can a player achieve 300% (DI), overall, through the use of various armor/weapons and skills? Is a players (SSI) Swing Speed Increase (SSI) capped at 60% and are weapon swing speeds still capped at 1.25 seconds a swing? 

Kane: Yes, (HCI) & (DCI) are both capped at [45%]. No, (RPD) is capped at [105%], When it comes to   Damage Increase numbers: (PvP) is capped at [100%], while (PvE) is capped at [300%].

Extra—Kane: “Yes, it is very possible that armor, crafted or found, —in the future—may have reflective versions of elemental damage. Basically: Reflect Fire Damage; Reflect Cold Damage, Reflect Poison Damage, and Reflect Energy Damage may be an obtainable, armor/weapon related, modifier.

Sturger: Thanks Kane, but speaking of armor related modifiers…

3. Is (HPI) Hit Point Increase still capped at 50? Are (MPI) Mana Point Increase and (SPI) modifiers, found on armor, capped?

Kane: Yes, (HPI) = [50]. The answer to (MPI) and (SPI) being capped, is no. Those gear related modifiers can be stacked as high as a player can get them.

Sturger: Okay, let’s turn the page and talk about regeneration, and we will maintain the same three categories we just touched on.

4. What are the current ‘Evolution’ skill caps for: (HPR) Hit Point Regeneration, (SPR) Stamina Point Regeneration, and (MPR) Mana Point Regeneration? 

Kane: Currently, the three regenerations categories—which you’ve mentioned—are hard coded as follows: (HPR) = 18, (SPR) = 24, and (MPR) = 18. These scores are not the finite cap, however, because there are certain spells—or armor pieces—which will allow a player to increase regeneration caps beyond what has been hard caps.

Sturger: I wonder. To (PvP) or NOT to (PvP)? Is that even a question… (goes back to (PvE).

5. When It comes to combat; why is a player’s, highly stacked, swordsmanship skill allowing them to be near unhittable? This factor in itself makes (PvP) negligible if not way unbalanced, wouldn’t you agree?

Kane: First of all, that is original OSI code, and it is quite outdated. Certain aspects of that, original combat system, where crafted poorly. Add in the fact that Evolution is a customized shard, and you increase that poor value rating to just BAD.

  Yes, I would agree. The Player versus Player aspect is not the best it could be on Evolution. As I have said many times before, I need time. When the time comes, I do have a plan to get that system unstuck from inside the small box it was left in.  In doing so I want to make it so there is an offense and defensive value, that finds a balance for combat. A player’s (PvP/PvE) experience, coupled with the right—or wrong weapon—should be part of the main factors deciding combat outcomes. Gear should play a roll— of course—along with some new, or old, skill factors.

   A new skill, that will certainly factor in, will be Focus. So, keep this in mind, when building new armor suits. Especially if you see some new armor with that skill attached to it. It might be junk today, but in time it might be best in slot.

Well, this will certainly stop some of the late-night bank sitter bar fights concerning which skill cap is what. I’d like to thank Kane, once again for keeping things interesting. Also, I’d like to give a big shout out to Aryel; who stumbled into tonight’s Q & A session and brought up some interesting points of view. That’s all we’ve got for this time around. Until next time, K-FoF fans, be well. 

          —Sturger— Editor UOE-Herald 

                                                      Five on Friday--Extras:

~~Aryel: Can the ‘Tokuno Belt System’ be changed to reflect how much experience is necessary to reach the next level. The current percentage system is driving the newbies crazy.

~~Kane: Yes, I can do that. (write notes down) I wasn’t the creator of that system, but I did have the pleasure of going through the code and making it what it is today. I remember when I was filtering through that particular code, a lot of players were still complaining about how many experience points were needed to level it up, so I decided I would go with the percentage to save myself a lot of complaining. Perhaps I was just being a jerk [insert smile] , but yes I will look into changing that next time load a new patch.
Events / Re: IDOC Announcement!
« Last post by Evolution on August 30, 2019, 11:34:30 AM »
DOUBLE Evolution Dollars!  We are offering double ED all weekend long for the holiday!  Enjoy the events and tyvm for all the support of this project!
Events / Re: UO Evolution Labor Day Weekend!
« Last post by Evolution on August 30, 2019, 11:34:09 AM »
DOUBLE Evolution Dollars!  We are offering double ED all weekend long for the holiday!  Enjoy the events and tyvm for all the support of this project!
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