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Shard Updates / Shard Update July 03, 2020
« Last post by Kane on July 03, 2020, 08:45:45 AM »
Tasks:  Only 2 people have provided lists, given the number of complains on pricing I thought getting 5 different lists would of been easy.    I do think after speaking with Wikanne we do have a decent pathway for what code is next to help this issue be resolved but the lists are important or else I will be recoding things way to many times.
Package Chests:  Just 2 more things to wrap up on this (Create regions and Item Lift Action).  Just off the top of my head this code will change Dungeon chests, Treasure Chests, Message in a Bottles and Factions.  Plus a few things I have down the road.  The ability to create and re-use a customized item like this without a shard restart will be fun I think.

Version 348
Trapable Container Updated:  Accessibility issue on properties with virtual functions
XML Updated:  Player killed message will be displayed in all facets. (Maybe this time x2)
Package Chest Updated:  Can apply poison trait with trap
Package Chest Updated:  Can spawn with trap
Package Chest Updated:  Multi level fill list with 4 different ways to generate items based on the list.
Package Chest Updated:  All trap properties can be accessed from the config
Package Chest Updated:  All lock properties can be accessed from the config
General Discussions / SUO Loot Script
« Last post by Jolly Roger on June 27, 2020, 02:50:52 AM »
Anyone have a jewelry loot script for SUO? New PC and I cant seem to navigate things like I use to around here.
Shard Updates / Shard Update June 26, 2020
« Last post by Kane on June 26, 2020, 08:48:03 AM »
Version 347
Grizzle Acid Attack Updated:  No idea why but sometimes the timer would stick to a mobile every once a while.  Not enough to establish a pattern.  I added a few catches to it that should prevent this.
Gold Panning Updated:  Some files were out of sync with the development server.
Gargoyles Knife Updated:  Added bonus for humans.  Verified several different mobs that the tram vs fel hide count increases correctly.
Blighted Grove Updated:  Added a few Tribal Berry drops.  (Next up is talking to Sayla/Domino about stealables.)
Raffle Stone (Config) Updated: Added new method in which the items are pulled from the list.
Powder Crafting Updated:  All weapon powders application duration increased (This is only for powders crafted after this point, not before)
Artifact Grinder Updated:  Uses are now based on skill of the crafter when no exceptional (If this works as intended next is to allow for normal drop loot)
Dynamic Reward Updated:  Improved handling of mobile requesting the reward
Augment Updated:  Spelling issue with Alchemist’s Spoon
Deco Deeds Added: 19 new item from Sayla
Package System Updated:  Added Package Chest -  This is no were near ready yet
Events / Father's Day Weekend Events!
« Last post by Evolution on June 20, 2020, 03:09:17 PM »
Happy Father's Day Weekend!

The Grand auction is Sunday at noon cst!

We are offering double Evolution Dollars for any donations this weekend!  Enjoy the holiday and events Capture the flag event is back! GM Domino will be testing the system and running for announcements
Armageddon Event! Join us Saturday At 6pm cst, All the champs will be spawned at the same time on all facets. Saturday night POKER tournament! Join us for Texas Hold'em poker on top of Moonglow Bank at 8pm cst
UO Evolution Grand Auction Join us Sunday the 21st at noon cst for Father's Day Auction and events ------------
Pet Wars will be on June 24th at 5:30pm cst - Skittering Hopper

How to Enter: Send a PM to Domino when your entry pack is ready!
Art must be arranged in a any small container (pouch, backpack bag, bag, box) Do not your your main backpack! Packs need to be transferrable!
Do not use chests (treasure chest type)
Contest entry deadline is July 9, 2020!
Winners will be announced July 10th!
Prizes will be awarded:
1st Place: 300MPD
2nd Place: 200MPD
3rd place: 100MPD
Shard Updates / Shard Update June 19, 2020
« Last post by Kane on June 19, 2020, 10:38:46 AM »
Version 346
Dynamic Consumption Updated:  Consuming by type had incorrect logic after checking keys
Raffle Stone (Config) Updated: Few small issues and tweaks.  Timer logic altered to ensure multiple stones would be triggered correctly
XML Updated:  Player killed message will be displayed in all facets. (Maybe this time)
Deco Deeds Added: 1 new item from Sayla
Artifact Grinder Updated:  Default uses changed.
Augment - Alchemist Spoon Added: 2 sockets and increases Enhanced Potion Cap +10
Augment - Grand Alchemist Spoon Added: 4 sockets and increases Enhanced Potion Cap +25
Dark Father's Torq Added:  Because I can, I wanted to and sounded like fun. (see if anyone reads this)
Task System Gump Updated:  Double close button issue
Market Stone System Updated:  Added range and LOS properties to the config
Shard Updates / Shard Update June 12, 2020
« Last post by Kane on June 13, 2020, 07:32:37 AM »
I know for many the raffle stone stuff will seem out of the blue or also off the path, but it is out of the blue but on the path. 

I have been working on an issue for factions how to have a dynamic event on a facet be tracked and interacted with by a player remotely.  In my mind for factions this is part of how events will run.  I finally figured out how it can work and needed a test dummy.  I had this old config raffle code that someone didn't help me test so decided it would be perfect for this. 

Next step will be for this event system to be shown in the Today System and you can interact with it.  (That will start this week) Then I will take that.. wrap up an auction stone and apply it all once again for a complete test run from A to Z.  This should give me the best piece of code for the factions events.

Version 345

Raffle Stone (Config) Updated:  Completely recoded, the config stores all of the needed information.  It can use just about anything as currency to buy a ticket and next item for raffle is randomly selected from a list.
Dynamic Consumption Updated: Added the final layer as 2 go between functions for the rest of the code.  Only 2 things left for this piece of the framework: Evo Coins and Quest Items
Gargoyle Knife Updated:  Now has increased leather in Fel. (Need to verify all this works)
XML Updated:  Player killed message will be displayed in all facets
Fertile Dirt Elemental Updated: Now drops fertile dirt
Deco Deeds Added: 4 new items from Sayla
Market Gump Updated:  Really bad math determining item location on a list causing detail gump to not display.
Imperial Dragon Updated:  Spelling error.
Shard Updates / Shard Update June 05, 2020
« Last post by Kane on June 05, 2020, 09:07:45 AM »
So far dynamic currencies seems to be working as intended, a few small issues that should be cleaned up today.  This has lead to me solving another factions issue I had and will code next week, I am enjoying how this is coming along.  I still have no clue really if the base foundation of the task system is working correctly as most input I got initially was of math dealing with assumptions and not if things worked.  I did go ahead and pushed a second level of Brit Bank Market items this week and going to add an additional level next week.  If you have a list of items you would like to be considered just send me the list on discord.
We have had some requests for the Warmaster quest line to return so let me answer this here for everyone.  The current mechanics in place cause more issues then it solves.  After x amount of playing and you get a +1 leads to hate mail I get and I wasn't the person who put this game.  If you have an idea of a new mechanic or how this could be in game please share it with me, send me a discord message so we can talk about.  I will ask questions, I most likely will say no but I have said no to everything I have came up with so please do not get offended.  This is a nice quest and fills some holes, just needs a mechanic worthy of it being in game.

Version 344
Merchant Framework Updated:  Finally figured out a way to better test, verify and validate things while in game.
Task System Updated:  Minoc interface issue and corrected a few behind the scene functions regarding currencies
Deco Deeds Added: 4 new items from Sayla
Shard Updates / Shard Update June 01, 2020
« Last post by Kane on June 01, 2020, 08:19:23 AM »
The initial test market areas for the Task System will start up this week, the first being sometime today at Brit Bank.  Relax.  To find out if it the new market area is open just go into Brit Bank and use the [market command.  If it is open you will see new items for new currencies, if it isn't you will see the normal market.

Version 343
Dynamic Currency Added:  Can have multiple dynamic currencies that can be handled by the Dynamic Framework (Reward/Consumption).  This is a key step for many other system and will need some testing and helper functions as it matures.
Task System Update:  Rather than a config file that is updated each month taking staff 3-4 days of combined time we are moving to currencies as rewards.  Each currency will have at least 1 Market Area. 
Britain Crowns: Britain Bank and is used mainly for items to be purchased
Trinsic Trumpets: Trinsic Bank and is used mainly for deco to be purchased
Minoc Coppers: Minoc Bank and is used mainly for resources to be purchased
You will also find other merchant areas sometimes taking these currencies and for seasonal events like the North Pole will find additional market areas opening up with new rewards. 
Main change to the Task System is no longer will the event run from month to month, the current max is 200 but this is merely for testing to ensure the reset happens as desired.  However long it takes you to get to 200 is up to you.  The Markets will be setup so that while it will constantly seem to change as to what is available and even a little price increase and decrease the items will be there for longer periods then 30 days to give you a chance to save up and purchase.  This is going to take time to iron out, just relax and join the conversation on discord concerning tasks.
Recipe Scroll Updated:  Changed the logic flow for how the name is displayed.
Dynamic Framework Updated:  Introduced Currencies
Shard Configuration Updated:  Master list of currencies on the shard
Deco Deeds Added:  31 new items from Sayla
Artifact Grinder Updated:  Increases uses when crafted and bonus uses based on exceptional
Report Bug / Pot Key Brocken
« Last post by LorD Of ThE WeeD on May 28, 2020, 03:19:45 AM »
The pot key is brocken and eats your pots needs a fix
General Discussions / Re: Where can you find a Powder Grinder?
« Last post by LorD Of ThE WeeD on May 28, 2020, 03:14:59 AM »
couldent theese infos be listed in the tool under other would help alot.
Also when will the gears and orc cups drop in game to craft the powder tools?

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