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Shard Updates / Shard Update Aoril 03, 2020
« Last post by Kane on April 03, 2020, 09:17:46 AM »
Version 334
Pit Lord Magma Augment Update:  Restructured the process for calculating damage, did find an error in the math. All tests at this point were with baseline gear, so there may be another adjustment once I get a feel for how it is working with different gear sets.
Deco Deeds Added:  2 new items from Sayla
Pet Wars Flag Updated:  Resolved a few instances where level deeds could be used.
Today System Updated:  A few small glitches
Market System Updated:  Prices are no longer recalculated when an item is purchased
Vecna’s Tomb Updated:  Config handling loot has been updated
Ethy Mount Skill Updated:  Increased the drop rate a little
General Discussions / April Updates and Quarantine
« Last post by Evolution on March 31, 2020, 06:38:21 PM »

The UO Evolution Donation page has been updated on the wiki

We are going to do some economic relief packages this month, due to the quarantine and shut down. We will match the lower tier donations with Market Place Dollars! (basically double value for the entire month of April!) Thank you for the support!

Donation Subscriptions help the shard budget expenses each month and are greatly appreciated. As a reward for doing a continuous monthly subscription you will receive DOUBLE Evolution Dollars each month along with the current month's bonus items for that tier!  You CAN adjust the amount to as low as a dollar or up to a higher amount, so please keep that in mind when using the subscription option.

We have lost a lot of subscriptions due to the hardship of this quarantine, so if you can afford to donate or subscribe please do this month, if you can't, take care of your family first.

Anyone that creates or has an existing subscription in April and continues for three months or more, I will be making a special rare package for all the supporters that qualify!
Coding Corner / Re: UO Steam Macro Library
« Last post by Evolution on March 30, 2020, 10:37:28 AM »

//Infernos Target and attack nearest enemy (champ macro)
getenemy 'criminal''enemy''grey''red''murderer''closest'
if @findobject 'enemy'
  autotargetobject! 'enemy'
  setability 'secondary' on
  attack! 'enemy'
  target! 'enemy'
Shard Updates / Shard Update Mar 27, 2020
« Last post by Kane on March 27, 2020, 09:30:42 AM »

Version 333
Vecna Loot Settings:  Altered the loot table based on some user input, this will take some further adjustments before it is close to being correct
Regions Updated:  Added area for Battle Board
Char Creations Updated:  Verbage change for initial messages new players get.
PlayerMobile Updated:  Checks for trait augments
New Command Added: [SelfRes should allow you to bypass the Help/Page gump
Today System Updated:  Added new ResourceItem type event
Today System Updated:  Added the ability to reward traits
Today System Updated:  Event can now change what is expected for turn in based on the number of turnins by the player.
Deco Deeds Added:  29 new items from Sayla
Dynamic Checking Updated:  Tweaks for validation threshold
Trait System Updated:  Added new trait (Twin Souls).  This will give a luck bonus and a bonus to the max hit points a player can have.  There are 3 tiers.
General Discussions / for what are these things usefull plz?
« Last post by Leighton on March 25, 2020, 03:42:44 AM »
hi, i got some items where i have no clue what they are usefull for:

- PVP-tears
-Game tokens
-vecna coins (iron/bronze)
-Ritual Coin

can anyone explain something about it?

Shard Updates / Shard Update Mar 20, 2020
« Last post by Kane on March 20, 2020, 08:32:04 AM »
We will resume the testing phase now.  This week did allow me to clean up a bunch of small things so it wasn't time wasted.This weekend my goal is to test the Secret Vendor Area located at the Vecna's Alter in the Tomb.  I have 2 new events I did last week but never ran to still run and I want to create a small new Vecna Essence based event to work with the area (so when it isn't Friday the 13th, maybe a full moon event)

Version 332Pet Leveling Gump Updated: Old checking was only determining if ability points were zero vs a catch all of equal or less than zero.
Pet Leveling Gump Updated: Notification of exploited pets that are below zero ability points.
Loot Controller Updated:  Added the ability to remove loot in groups by the group name
Package System Updated:  The ability to create package data with an in game command.
Today System Updated:  Recoded how loot is removed when the event has ended.
Market System (Area) Updated:  Display issue after the complete purchase of an item
Market System (Area) Updated:  Cancel caused re-generation of the price
Market System (Area) Updated:  Check to see if the core object is present
Market System (Area) Updated:  Cleaned up console data
Events / Happy St Patrick's holiday weekend!
« Last post by Evolution on March 15, 2020, 10:34:10 AM »

Happy St Patrick's holiday weekend!

We will be doing double evolution dollars for any donation on Sat and Sun!

*Fishing Tournament starts at noon
*Watch for the triple champ spawn announcements
*Special holiday events
*Grand Auction Sunday at noon

>>>Daily Events<<<

*Triple Champ Spawn - Random Times
*2 Town Invasions Daily - Random Times
*2 Non-PVP Champion Spawns daily
*Random Power Hours Daily
*Fishing Tournament every other day at noon
*Hunger Games every Sunday
*Public PVP Champ Event 6pm Daily
*New Player Event - Random Daily
*Daily Royal Hunts
*Daily Hide and Seek Events
*Grand Auction 3rd Sunday of each month at noon cst
*Watch for staff events announced in-game daily
Shard Updates / Shard Update Mar 13, 2020
« Last post by Kane on March 13, 2020, 09:07:08 AM »
First sorry about the second update this morning, thought I had everything covered but turned out missed something.   I am not sure the list of changes below does justice to the amount of coding and testing that went into this week.  If all goes as planned this is what will happen this week.

Friday 13th Event:  Though there are a few different ways to get Vecna's Essence and Essence Fragments, this event will happen on these weekend with a few tweaks to improve.  There will be a secret vendor area opening this weekend near Vecna's Alter when it starts up, just say [Market near the alter and you will see a different kind of Market System.  Some big differences is unlike the global market system where you have your own items, secret market areas have a finite amount of items period which means they can be bought out.  Also you will see other currencies being used for example in the one for the weekend uses Vecna's Essence and Vecna's Essence Fragments. (This same code will be used in Factions)
Vecna Coin Event:  After the dust settles I put together a new event, this has everything dealing with the coins and minting them
Artifact Grinder Event:  We have a new system/code to test out and no better way then with an event.  Before things are available in game you will be able to get them through the event. Plus top winners will get one of the recipes.
All three of the events above have completely unique prize/reward structures based on the theme of the event.

Version 331

*Artifact Grinder Updated: Removed recipe requirement
*Powder Crafting Updated:  Added recipes for Enhanced, Enchanted and Magical powder groups (1 Recipe to make any powder in the group is the goal)
*Vecna Coin Pouch Pouch Updated: Added Vecna’s Essence
*Vecna Minter’s Toolkit Updated: Added Vecna’s Essence and Vecna’s Essence Fragment
*Deco Deeds Added:  5 new items from Sayla
*Vecna Coin Press Updated:  Added additional constructors to expand functionality
*Magical Residue Added:  Will be used for all powders in the magical group
*Enhanced Residue Added:  Will be used for all powders in the enhanced group
*Enchanted Residue Added:  Will be used for all powders in the Enchanted group
*Traits Updated:  Added Enhanced, Magical and Enchanted traIts
*Today System Updated:  A few minor tweaks
*Artifact Residue Updated:  Changed Mystical to Magical
*Vecna’s Essence Fragment Updated:  A few minor tweaks (most cosmetic)
*Velcna’s Blessing Deed Added:  Increases a Skull of Vecna’s Max Blessings by +1, the most that can be attained by this method is 10 (The skull can increase to 15 combined)
*Vecna’s Coin Alter Updated:  Added some new things
*Vecna's Soul [Ancient] Added: All 4 current pieces (Fragment, Chip, Remnant, Slice) have Ancient versions which have no chance of a random properties just will add from the small select skills for that piece and a chance to increase the Max Blessing
*Market Stone Updated:  A few changes needed before entering the next round of testing
Shard Updates / Shard Update Mar 06, 2020
« Last post by Kane on March 06, 2020, 07:55:18 AM »
Today System:  All three event type tests went well, a few minor issues.  Some were corrected today and others will come this week.  Main thing is needing to recode the data handler so this will work for factions the way intended.  (Not the end of the world even flirted with this idea originally)
This week 2 things will happen, I am planning on a unique Friday the 13th Event that will be used to test out the new Market Stone code (This new addition will be used for secret market areas and faction vendors)  This could also be the first step into unique player vendors down the line.  If I can get enough things done look for the introduction to the Artifact Grinder in this event.
After the auction is over next week I plan to spend however long it takes coding gate keeper and get that into full testing for factions.

Version 330
Powder of Iron Updated:  Can now combine 2 powders, due to the kind of item it is however you will not be able to separate them afterwards at this time.  (Be warned though I will correct in in the future)
Deco Deeds Added:  4 new items from Sayla
Today System Updated: Past event vars cleared correctly
Today System Updated: Clears data from the account once the event is over
Today System Updated: Final report on the event is created.
Shard Updates / Shard Update Feb 28, 2020
« Last post by Kane on February 28, 2020, 08:21:20 AM »
I coded for over 12 hours each day this week and some how managed to not get a single thing done that I had planned.. Needless to say next week will have far less coding with more testing and events (All the stuff I planned for this week originally plus the stuff coded this week tested)
Factions/Powder Crafting/Artifacts/Merchant
A player came to me with an idea so well fleshed out that answered so many little things I had on my list with circles, after a quick brainstorming chat I started coding.  I have held off on the previously know "Artifact Barrel" because I always felt there was a better way, here it is.  Using artifacts and PS credits for resources to craft temp skill bonuses.  Surprising enough there is actually very little RNG involved in the whole process, you will just have to figure out what is effecting what is all.
CraftingAdded a new way that exceptional items can be handled.  Normally as your skill gets higher you have a chance to craft an exceptional item even if you have not achieved 100% chance of crafting.  This doesn't make sense and in my mind have been looking for a way to establish a player "Mastering" craft something so I can work on making better sense of applying properties and features.  I do think this is the first step towards that goal, just need more thinking on it to solve some problems and create unique solutions.The "Artifact Grinder" is the first item using this new concept:  Once you have 100% chance to craft (AKA - Mastered crafting it) the crafter will then have a chance for it to be exceptional.   If the item is exceptional it will have more uses and based on the chance of it being exceptional it can unlock a few unique features. I will let you play and figure those out.
I do currently have this locked down with a recipe required, this will give me the week to play with things.  Yes look for an Artifact Event after the next update where you can get your chance to play with the new stuff first. (That is my plan anyways)

Version 329BaseTool Updated:  Changed some functionality to virtual
Craft Def Updated:  Updated Tinkering and Powder (Intermediate/Advanced)
Craft Core Updated:  Expanded a new way to handle Exceptional items:  The chance for an exceptional item will start once the crafter has 100% chance of crafting the item.
Pet Breeding Updated:  Was not properly checking the breeding abilities on the second pet
Trait System Updated:  The ability to have dynamic data inside the trait
Glimmering Coal Updated:  Bad check again item type
Deco Deeds Added:  17 new items from Sayla
Artifact Grinder [Personal] Added:  Grinds up artifacts into a specific type of residue based on the artifact. (Requires 1 Artifact and 10 Powerscroll Credits per use) (Features can lower the cost)
Artifact Residue Added:  Three types so far - Enhanced, Enchanted and Magical
Powder of Enhanced Residue [Sword] Added:  Powder that will give a skill bonus for a limited time (my test cases were almost 24 hours) (This is for testing this week, more to come next week) (Skill bonus directly related to the gear pieces count worn and what stage they are at)
Soul Eater Trait Updated:  Changed type so it can stack with Task Traits
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