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Title: Weekend Events on Evo!
Post by: Evolution on July 17, 2020, 09:19:17 AM
>>>FRIDAY<<< Champion Marathon Event! Join us TONIGHT at 7pm cst we run a group event and spawn all the champs from easiest to the hardest at the triple champ arena! >>>SATURDAY<<< Fishing Tournament starts at noon cst Armageddon Event! Join us Saturday at 7pm cst, All the champs will be spawned at the same time on all facets. Saturday Night POKER tournament! Join us for Texas Hold'em poker in the Nujel'm Poker Room at 8pm cst Sayla will be hosting battleboard, watch for announcement! >>>SUNDAY<<< UO Evolution Grand Auction Join us Sunday the 19th at noon cst for the Grand Auction and events We will be doing IDOC soon, so make sure you log in and refresh your accounts