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Title: Shard Update Mar 06, 2020
Post by: Kane on March 06, 2020, 07:55:18 AM
Today System:  All three event type tests went well, a few minor issues.  Some were corrected today and others will come this week.  Main thing is needing to recode the data handler so this will work for factions the way intended.  (Not the end of the world even flirted with this idea originally)
This week 2 things will happen, I am planning on a unique Friday the 13th Event that will be used to test out the new Market Stone code (This new addition will be used for secret market areas and faction vendors)  This could also be the first step into unique player vendors down the line.  If I can get enough things done look for the introduction to the Artifact Grinder in this event.
After the auction is over next week I plan to spend however long it takes coding gate keeper and get that into full testing for factions.

Version 330
Powder of Iron Updated:  Can now combine 2 powders, due to the kind of item it is however you will not be able to separate them afterwards at this time.  (Be warned though I will correct in in the future)
Deco Deeds Added:  4 new items from Sayla
Today System Updated: Past event vars cleared correctly
Today System Updated: Clears data from the account once the event is over
Today System Updated: Final report on the event is created.