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Title: Pirate Month Deco Contest!! (2019)
Post by: Domino on September 04, 2019, 02:53:24 PM

Pirate Month Deco Contest!

Ahoy! All ye fine scallywags! This month we shall be holdin' a special house deco contest. Th' Theme will be nautical/pirate.

Thar will be no restrictions on house size, however; if yer entire house ain't decorated this may work against ye in judgin'!

A few rules:

HOUSE MUST be in theme wit' this months pirate month festivities!- It can be pirate, water, fishin', docks- anythin' nautical.

LAST day t' board will be Saturday September 28th! Winner will be announced September 30th!

PLEASE NO CUSTOM deco deeds!!!!

Houses will be judged on creativity, originality, imagination 'n th' arrrrr! factor!

How t' Enter: Place a rune t' yer house, wit' YOUR name on it,  in th' Red Mailbox at Domino's library, then [pm Domino t' let me know.

Prizes: Th' winner o' th' deco contest will receive 500ED 'n a gift bag includin' a Trophy.
Second and third place lewtz will be awarded!