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Title: Kane's Five On Friday [2019]--Skill Caps
Post by: Sturger on August 31, 2019, 08:46:00 PM
    Hello all. Today’s topic is an old friend of mine. Some might remember long ago when I took the time to figure out Evolutions skill caps. My findings even made it to the—then— wiki guide. Well, tonight we shall be rehashing the skill caps, with Kane, and I am sure along the way we will learn something new.

Sturger: Let’s begin with skill caps related to magery, and all of its intricate secondary parts.

1. Is the skill cap for (FC) Faster Casting still [6]; for (FCR) Faster Casting Recovery still [8]; for (LMC) Lower Mana Cost still [40], and for (LRC) Lower Reagent Cost still [100]? Also, when it comes to (SDI) Spell Damage Increase for [PvE] or [PvP], is there a cap?

Kane: Yes, (FC) = [6]. Yes, (FCR) = [8] Yes, (LMC) = [40%]. Yes, (LRC) = [100%]. Currently, Spell Damage Increase is not capped for Player versus Environment; but it is capped, at [15%] increase, for Player Versus Player combat.

Sturger: Continuing on, we will now move to—Dexxer—melee combat related skill caps.

2. Are (HCI) Hit Chance Increase and (DCI) Defense Chance Increase capped at [45%]? Is (RPD) Reflect Physical Damage and common (DI) Damage Increase capped at [100%]?
  Can a player achieve 300% (DI), overall, through the use of various armor/weapons and skills? Is a players (SSI) Swing Speed Increase (SSI) capped at 60% and are weapon swing speeds still capped at 1.25 seconds a swing? 

Kane: Yes, (HCI) & (DCI) are both capped at [45%]. No, (RPD) is capped at [105%], When it comes to   Damage Increase numbers: (PvP) is capped at [100%], while (PvE) is capped at [300%].

Extra—Kane: “Yes, it is very possible that armor, crafted or found, —in the future—may have reflective versions of elemental damage. Basically: Reflect Fire Damage; Reflect Cold Damage, Reflect Poison Damage, and Reflect Energy Damage may be an obtainable, armor/weapon related, modifier.

Sturger: Thanks Kane, but speaking of armor related modifiers…

3. Is (HPI) Hit Point Increase still capped at 50? Are (MPI) Mana Point Increase and (SPI) modifiers, found on armor, capped?

Kane: Yes, (HPI) = [50]. The answer to (MPI) and (SPI) being capped, is no. Those gear related modifiers can be stacked as high as a player can get them.

Sturger: Okay, let’s turn the page and talk about regeneration, and we will maintain the same three categories we just touched on.

4. What are the current ‘Evolution’ skill caps for: (HPR) Hit Point Regeneration, (SPR) Stamina Point Regeneration, and (MPR) Mana Point Regeneration? 

Kane: Currently, the three regenerations categories—which you’ve mentioned—are hard coded as follows: (HPR) = 18, (SPR) = 24, and (MPR) = 18. These scores are not the finite cap, however, because there are certain spells—or armor pieces—which will allow a player to increase regeneration caps beyond what has been hard caps.

Sturger: I wonder. To (PvP) or NOT to (PvP)? Is that even a question… (goes back to (PvE).

5. When It comes to combat; why is a player’s, highly stacked, swordsmanship skill allowing them to be near unhittable? This factor in itself makes (PvP) negligible if not way unbalanced, wouldn’t you agree?

Kane: First of all, that is original OSI code, and it is quite outdated. Certain aspects of that, original combat system, where crafted poorly. Add in the fact that Evolution is a customized shard, and you increase that poor value rating to just BAD.

  Yes, I would agree. The Player versus Player aspect is not the best it could be on Evolution. As I have said many times before, I need time. When the time comes, I do have a plan to get that system unstuck from inside the small box it was left in.  In doing so I want to make it so there is an offense and defensive value, that finds a balance for combat. A player’s (PvP/PvE) experience, coupled with the right—or wrong weapon—should be part of the main factors deciding combat outcomes. Gear should play a roll— of course—along with some new, or old, skill factors.

   A new skill, that will certainly factor in, will be Focus. So, keep this in mind, when building new armor suits. Especially if you see some new armor with that skill attached to it. It might be junk today, but in time it might be best in slot.

Well, this will certainly stop some of the late-night bank sitter bar fights concerning which skill cap is what. I’d like to thank Kane, once again for keeping things interesting. Also, I’d like to give a big shout out to Aryel; who stumbled into tonight’s Q & A session and brought up some interesting points of view. That’s all we’ve got for this time around. Until next time, K-FoF fans, be well. 

          —Sturger— Editor UOE-Herald 

                                                      Five on Friday--Extras:

~~Aryel: Can the ‘Tokuno Belt System’ be changed to reflect how much experience is necessary to reach the next level. The current percentage system is driving the newbies crazy.

~~Kane: Yes, I can do that. (write notes down) I wasn’t the creator of that system, but I did have the pleasure of going through the code and making it what it is today. I remember when I was filtering through that particular code, a lot of players were still complaining about how many experience points were needed to level it up, so I decided I would go with the percentage to save myself a lot of complaining. Perhaps I was just being a jerk [insert smile] , but yes I will look into changing that next time load a new patch.