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Title: Kane's Five On Friday [2019] --Pets--
Post by: Sturger on August 02, 2019, 09:05:09 PM

 Hello, to all you 'Kane’s Five on Friday' fans, we are back with questions about Pets. If you were wondering where Kane and I were last week. The answer is simple; we were hiding.  8) The truth, about where the two of us were, is just a matter of life. Kane was a little under the weather and busy doing his coding; while I was working 40 hours and juggling the chores/gifts of being a father. My son is 4 months old now. To all the mom’s and dads out there---wow do they grow up fast. Anyways, back to the questions! (pokes Kane)  :D

Sturger: My first question is about where players can expect their pets to bed down for the night.

1.  Recently, many players have asked for a pet storage key. Is this something to look out for some time in the near future? Perhaps, instead of making a pet storage key, has the idea to increase/expand upon a player’s/tamer’s stable ever been considered?

Kane: If you take a look at the dev logs you will find that such a storage key does exist. But with great power comes small whimpers in the night. [another one bites the dust music playing the back ground]

  The storage key requires additional coding, plus a great deal of testing before I would feel safe that it was not going to randomly eat all of our players prized pets. It’s a great concept—the Pet storage key—because we have an outstanding number of shrunken pets on the shard. A storage item like this is something I want to allow players to have, in the future, to drastically reduce server item counts and any lag potentials cause by such a grand number. Just about every day some-one is asking if they can test the Tamer’s pet storage key. As you might imagine, this means the Pet storage key is almost always on my mind, but other things are in the works and priority first. Once they are patched in, I’ll find my way to the next topic/interesting idea/system and so on. What’s next? We will all figure that out when we get there.

 For the second part of this question. Yes, tamer stable expansion is a possibility, but any insight on how that expansion will work is a moot point until I find the right system that works towards that specific goal. Figuring out and testing the right mechanics for the job isn’t always as 1 2 3 as you might think. It takes time and forethought.

Sturger: For my next question—Kane—let us vaguely touch the surface by keeping things relatively simple.

2. Pets are everywhere, and every tamer has a favorite, so I ask you why your recent pet changes affect every—potential—pet found throughout the realms? This includes chickens… [weirdo face]

Kane: First, let’s be clear. You are asking about pets. (I nod) As it stands, I am happy with the pet trait system. To answer your question, the trait system affects all creatures to keeps all pets inclusive. If you look hard enough you might find that every one of the pets—on the complete (UO/UOE Custom) list—has some real-life legend attached to it. Even chickens.

Sturger: When it comes to breeding, it takes humans about a half hour—or less—to do the deed. For pet’s I’m told it takes three days.?! I don’t even want to know what going on in their…

3. However, when it does come to that right time for pets to breed, does DNA effect the babies’ quality or is it the parent’s level? Perhaps there are plans to change this confusing mechanic in the future?

Kane: Right now, the DNA from two mating parent pets, will not affect their baby’s DNA.

  Yes, I do plan change breeding mechanics in three ways. First, I want to build a gump that explains the effects of breeding parent A with parent B. Along the way it will explain to the player their chances for success or failure based on their current required skills and other variables for breeding. Second, I still need to add a few more traits for specific groups of pets. If you remember, parents have a chance to pass on some traits to their babies, so it seems wise to have them ready for when I make changes to the breeding system. The last thing, I want to change about breeding, are the breeding bonuses. I want the parent’s DNA to affect how strong a baby is, I want that same DNA to affect how strong the Babies DNA is, and I want the players skills to affect the baby as well.

Extra—Sturger: Kane goes on into more detail about these bonuses, however, I felt it something to leave out due to the nature of mental crafting. Maybe these ideas just don’t work out in the end. I think it better we all just learn about them when they are ready for us all to enjoy in game.

Extra—Kane: Just keep in mind, if both parents have perfect DNA, it doesn’t guarantee that the baby won’t have weak DNA… or that two parents with weak DNA have to make a baby with weak DNA.

Sturger: Kane…. OH! What was that?!! Can I tame it… (gives chase! :o )

4. Will players be able to tame creatures that were once non tame-able; for instance---Wyverns?

Kane: Yes, I would like to see a lot of non-tame-able creatures—like Wyverns—become tamable.

Sturger: Kane sir, the number one thing I hear—from friends or through world chat—is “I love my pets but I can’t use them”. Please understand, taming is not my first love, but to hear multiple tamers say the same thing, over and over again. It kills off the small itch I had—when the new trait system was patched in—to investigate tame pets newest features and understand these pet’s new offensive/defensive combat possibilities.

5. In your opinion, Kane, are tamer’s being overprotective, of their best pets; or are the penalties—for pet death—so drastic that they may be too much of a penalty?

Kane: The players are right. The penalties, or anti-pet code can be too much or drastic at times. What I need/mean to do is right the ship, by reviewing and then compiling, all the Anti-pet code into one coding forum. Once that is done, I can create and apply new traits to pets which will counter balance or alleviate the debuffing effects granted by the anti-pet code. In this way, there are challenges, versus towering walls, when it comes to end game creatures/dungeons which have anti-pet codes installed. At the end of the day I want pets to be balanced, combat ready/rewarding, and fun. Right now, pets—and their new trait system—are not there yet. Time. Time. Time. Give me time.

         Five on Friday Extra’s

~~Kane & I talked about a lot of things, most of which were off topic. Kane mentioned that dailies—found under the task event system—are on his mind to get a change or three soon. This might also include changes to the single task turn in gold reward system.

~~We also talked about Pet questions which were outside of the above list. If you have some free time… or maybe I should say; If Kane has some free time. Make sure to ask him about UOE pet dogs. The story made me laugh.

~~The last thing I pestered him about was Bard related questions. He assures me he has notes and ideas on how to start the process for a new vision of UOE Barding. But it is a far-off thought, with time left to congeal, that he believes is best left for the future discussions.

~~Kane also shared with me that: GM Silver has created 12 new armor sets; time will tell what all of them might be; but first we see that the Minstrel’s suit is free.

  I’d like to thank everyone who reads my posts on the UOE-Herald. It gives me a lot of comfort knowing I am penning something players find interesting. As always, thanks goes out to Kane and other staff members who have helped by: being my muse, sharing all the best UOE gossip, and of course; taken the time to speak with me during a Q & A session, via trusty headset.

  I’d like to encourage forums readers/fans of this weekly Herald topic to send me their questions which I can ask Kane/Domino/ [inset GM’s name here] in a future Q & A session. PM [Sturger] in game or on Evolution Discord. Make sure your questions are related to the Evolution shard, are respectful to all, and most importantly: are well articulated, and complete in thought. That’s all that I have for this week’s edition of: Kane’s Five on Friday’s. Have a great evening. And make sure to get you Dog/Cat/or pet Imp spade or neutered.

          —Sturger— Editor UOE-Herald