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Title: Shard Update September 28, 2018
Post by: Kane on September 28, 2018, 09:08:04 AM
Tons of new stuff so it may take us a little bit to get it all in place.
As much prep work and planning can be done so next week going to re-code how spell resistance works.  Odds are there will be no update next week given the amount of work and testing need.  I am expecting to start testing it on the shard on Oct 12th.

Version 255
PlayerMobile Updated:  Bonus Slot Properties Added
Siren's Kiss Trait Added:  Max 3 Tiers, gives a fishing bonus and a bonus to the weight of Big Fish caught.
Gift of the Royal Hunt Trait Added:  Max 6 Tiers, gives Anatomy, Healing, LRC and Luck bonus. (Initial Trait for the Royal Hunt Event, the more Royal Hunts you complete different traits will come available.)
Fishing Event Updated:  When turning in a Big Fish, even if it isn't enough to take the lead, you have a chance of gaining the Siren's Kiss Trait for 6 hours.
Base Armor Updated:  Added functionality and display for the Bonus Set System
Base Talisman Updated: Added functionality and display for the Bonus Set System
Base Jewelry Updated: Added functionality and display for the Bonus Set System
Base Clothing Updated: Added functionality and display for the Bonus Set System
Mantle System in Alpha: Cleaned up a few issues regarding choices being offered to user as skills/props achieve a specific threshold
Eval Parser Added:  This will allow dynamic equations from config flat files.  (First step to an improved Magic Resist functionality)
Reward Chest Updated:  Improved handling of reward table and posting of information
Market System Updated:  Small glitch in handling other currencies (Not an exploit, just how the system figured out which currency to use.)
Task Event System Updated:  Resources can be in your bank as well as your backpack
Bonus Set System Updated:  Tons of small fixes and clean up, after a little testing only one thing left.  How to get bonus set slots, this will be coming in October
Hide and Seek Updated:  10 Minute relocation timer added, if item is not found or out of reach due to a house/map/error the system will move it after 10 minutes.
Contract System Updated:  Allows for SpinTax functionality now.
Scroll of Ethereal Augmentation Updated:  Removed some skills that could not be used while mounted.
Domino's Deco Deeds Added: 5 new themed related items
Shard Configuration Updated:  New event related settings
Vecna Essence Updated:  Permissions change
Powder of Iron Updated:  Able to use on the bracelet now
Royal Hunt Event Added:  Expands upon the contract system, each hour or so the Royal Hunter will have some new contracts that you will have a few hours to do, complete the contract for the above Trait to be added.  Each one completed increases the Tier.  (This is in testing, new traits will be added at higher contract completion points that will target specific player builds like Sword, Fencing, Archer, Magery, Necro, Taming)

Title: Re: Shard Update September 28, 2018
Post by: Evolution on September 28, 2018, 11:12:44 AM
UO Evolution just added content update 255 for Halloween!  This was a very large update so please take time to read the dev logs>>> http://uoevolution.com/wiki/index.php/UOE_Development_Logs_2018#Update_255_-_Halloween (http://uoevolution.com/wiki/index.php/UOE_Development_Logs_2018#Update_255_-_Halloween)

UOE has a lot of new content coming over the next few months and we will be testing some of the smaller sub-systems each month Halloween Month starts October 1st!

Kane working on the Vecna content and dungeon for October!  Watch for details and announcements

There are Six new Quests that are only available in October!
The "Great Pumpkin Hunt" Quest Added
The "Spirit of the Hallows" Quest Added
The "Spooks and Spells" Quest Added
The "Stories that Haunt" Quest Added
The "Burke Hare, the gravedigger" Quest Added The "Costume Quest" Added
Title: Re: Shard Update September 28, 2018
Post by: Evolution on September 29, 2018, 01:14:59 PM

What is a daily Reward Chest?

A player can earn keys to unlock daily reward chests. You get Virtual "keys" by doing
tasks/events and for participating in staff events(Pet Wars, Hunger Games, hide and
seek etc.  You can also earn "keys" by visiting the market place or completing your
daily task goal which rewards you with a virtual key for the chest.

Your reward chest will increase in level the more "keys" you accumulate and use on it.
There are rare rewards in the chests that will only be found in this system.

Use these commands to open up the system gumps and earn keys:

[market = for the market gump
[event = for the task system gump

The Reward Chest is located inside Britain Bank vault, just click on the chest to open
the gump!