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Title: Shard Update November 17, 2017
Post by: Kane on November 17, 2017, 08:55:18 AM
Version 209
Blend with Forest Spell Updated: Increased the default of 2 seconds to 5 seconds.  I will continue to watch this to see if it needs to be changed to altered.
Snooping Updated:  Now handles new training NPC
Corpse Updated:  Only corpse that can be looted while Res InVulnerable is on is your own. (AKA: No looting mobs while you have a yellow bar)
XMLAttach Updated: Moved Everlasting funtionality
Base Magical Food Updated: Now handles a string message
Base Magical Food Updated: Added new item
Magical Blessed Bread Added:  Like an Enchanted Apple with a little healing
Domino's Deco Deeds Added: A few new items for the auction
Cornucopia of Blessing Added: Once ever 18-100 hours gives a free item, amount based on your luck.  You can get Greater Cure Potion, Greater Heal Potion, Wrath Grapes, Enchanted Apples and Magical Blessing Bread.
Saffron Ranger Talisman Added: New quest reward to go with the wrap for the Big Game Hunter quest.
Base Everlasting Reagents Updated:  Now handles Supplements count, needed due to some future features that will be added.  All current Everlasting Pig Iron items have been set to 3 so handle Spiked Shield at no cost.
Everlasting Mandrake Root Added:  Will reduce the number of Mandrake Root needed for using an augment based on the supplement count.
Bubo the Thief Added:  NPC for training snooper.
Title: Re: Shard Update November 17, 2017
Post by: Sturger on November 18, 2017, 06:15:09 PM

Awesome news, regarding the NPC for training Snooping... Will there be quests, or a system, that players will start using this skill more often in the future?

Can we have a NPC Trainer that allows new players to buy the Begging skill up to 30, and possibly grants a quest reward?

  Thanks. And great job as always.
Title: Re: Shard Update November 17, 2017
Post by: billtcat on November 20, 2017, 11:08:49 AM
Is the Magical Bread Craftable?

Bill The Cat
Title: Re: Shard Update November 17, 2017
Post by: Sundin on November 20, 2017, 07:47:06 PM
Is there a snooping trainer in the world now?
The only thing I have seen is the deed at the Auction house, I was away out of town so I missed anything that was said then.