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Title: Tips to help players reduce lag
Post by: Evolution on January 16, 2015, 09:08:21 PM

1. Update your game patches, make sure you have our UO Evolution Custom Client.

2. Adjust your game settings. If your computer barely meets the game requirements, don't try to max out all settings. Trim down graphics effects and other "unnecessary" visuals so your computer can handle the data computations.

3. Clean up your hard drive. Deleting junk and unnecessary files and defragmenting your hard drive can help improve the efficiency of your computer.

4. Use TCP Optimizer. TCP Optimizer is an internet accelerator for WIndows users. It is completely free and it can help you improve your connection a lot.

5. Maximize your game's resource usage by closing down other applications that are running on the background. You should also try to close down programs that download/update stuff via the internet so your game can use these resources.

6. Choose when you play. The more people on a server, the more data there is to calculate.  Also, try playing when there are only few people online (like at night).

7. Upgrade your router's firmware. Firmware updates help improve your hardware's performance and thus can help reduce resource usage and improve efficiency.

8. Use SSH tunnels or Virtual Private Networks (VPN). These help redirect your traffic to a faster route to the game server which means that your game data will have less travel time from your computer to the game server and back.
Title: Re: Tips to help players reduce lag
Post by: Evolution on January 22, 2015, 08:23:14 PM

You can test your speed in game my using this player command -ping in your chat window.  Keep in mind this measure YOUR bad connection to our superfast server.  Any lag you experience is usually from your connection/ISP to our server

Here is another handy tool that will measure your connection and give you a report with details

Title: Re: Tips to help players reduce lag
Post by: Evolution on February 04, 2015, 03:22:32 PM
After speaking with many players about their lag spikes, I found out half of the players are on wi-fi connections.  This could be a significant reason many of you are having issues!

It is always best to try and have a hard wired connection to the internet rather than wi-fi
Title: Re: Tips to help players reduce lag
Post by: Volundr on February 04, 2015, 04:06:35 PM
I'd like to second that. Wireless connections increase latency causing your ping to go up. With a game that can be timed down to the millisecond, you don't want latency. I'd even recommend a third party ethernet card if you are on an aging computer. They're cheap and you don't need anything fancy to get good results. If you do decide to go fancy, I'd recommend a Bigfoot Killer NIC or something comparable.