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December 04, 2017, 08:58:36 AM

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Hi all. I'd like to know the more about the mechanics of fishing. My skills are at 290 fishing, 120 begging and I have 2090 luck. I fish the same XX spots everyday at least once. The results can vary wildly! About a 30% swing in large to small nugget ratio per round. Is fishing just about RNG or am I missing something? Time of day? Time of day in the different zones I recall into? I try to be consistent about when I feed my character and that does not seem to do anything. Adding or removing luck seems to have more effect than adding fishing skill. I have been fishing from 180 (120+60 pole) up to current level over the last year. I have invested quite a bit (Gold, ED and time) to get to my current level and would really appreciate some details/mechanics on this. I have searched the forums/google/wiki, etc and cannot find the math for this. Is this something staff can provide or at least hint at?  Kane,......??? :)

I'd also like to hear from other fishers as to what your skills levels are at just for comparison?

Last thing, I ran across this in a forum post from a while back;
"Pros = Blackrock -- a material collected for wonderous items purchased from a secret purchase stone."
Is there a "secret" stone someplace I don't know about or is this defunct?

Thanks for your time.

December 06, 2017, 03:34:54 PM
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  The blackrock vendor stone is currently offline. If it has come back to us, it happened recently as last week.

 Blackrock is used in some recipes, found throughout the realms, as well.

  As, for the original fishing question; I suggest you try placing this under a new forums topic; such as: Gold Panning.

  For me--concerning Gold-Panning-- I find that it is random when it comes to Gem versus Blackrock loot; and that your fishing skill & luck play a larger roll in nugget size determination. Everything else is just fancy.