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PVP Discussion / PVP Advice from Ol'Dirty
« Last post by Evolution on Yesterday at 06:22:18 PM »

PVP Guide for UO Evolution Shard
by Ol'Dirty

1. Train all 64 skills. Regardless of whatever template you choose for PVP. At some point you will use them all.

2. Max your Stats. The cap is 150str 165dex 150int. It might take a while to get there but thats what you want to end up with. I always over cap my Dex so that when cursed I can still maintain 4 sec bandage timer.

3. use [mystats or the object inspector inside of UOSteam to help with capping stats.

* 100% Lower Reagent Cost
* 40% Lower Mana Cost
* 40% Enhance Potions
* 4 sec bandage speed
* 75 HCI/DCI
* 100% Damage Increase
* 4 Faster Casting 6 Faster Cast Recovery for Magery, or 6 FC 8 FCR to cap for Chivalry
* 30% SDI cap for PVP, I don't think there is a cap for PVM
* 100% Reflect Physical Damage

3. Download UOSteam Client (

4. Learn the UO Steam program, Create your Profile, there is a great profile posted here on the UO Evolution forums. Once you get comfortable with the program you can create your own macros to tailor to your play style.

5. Gear/Jewels. For starters there is some great, free, easily obtainable quest gear. Astro Deamon Set, Cursed Pirate quest items, Mirror Shield, Vampire Robe just to name a few. Compliment these pieces with +15 skill Ring/Bracelet, the single skills are normally found cheap. Clothing is a nice way to boost skill also. Shoes, Sandals, Kilt, Skirt, Fancy Shirt, Shirt, Half Apron, Red or Green Doublet, Robe. As your gear progresses you can add more clothing while still maintaining your caps.

6. Weapons. The main abilities people look for are, Mortal Strike, Double Strike, Crushing Blow, Bleed, Moving Shot, Armor Ignore, Disarm, Paralyzing Blow

*Regular Bow. PB MS
*Crossbow CB MS
*Repeating Crossbow MovingS DS
*Hammer Pick AI MS
*War Hammer Whirlwind CB
*Executioners Axe B MS
*Ornate Axe Disarm CB
*No-Dachi CB RidingSwipe
*Bone Harvester PB MS
*Katana AI DS

When I used a weapon I would always go with some sort of bow. Bows can have Parry Damage Kits and Lower Parry Damage Kits applied to them, this alone puts them in a league of their own.. Bows also have another clear advantage over other weapons because they can be balanced. This means you can chain chug pots while keeping shield and bow equipped. The only setback for a mage using a crafted bow is that they will always carry the -29 mage minus. they cannot be crafted with -20.
*Triple Slash. cap@175 Arms Lore
*Shield Spike. cap@175 Tactics
Just to name a few.

7. Skills to Focus on

*Caster, Magery, Eval and then...
*Dexxer, Weapon Skill, Tactics, Anatomy, Parry, Focus, Arms Lore. 

8. Buffs (Some might be off a little)

*If in human form, Cast Vampiric Embrace, type [cs angelicfaith  (cast Angelic Faith Command), recast Vampiric Embrace to return to human form. This will leave you with a extra +20 in all stats and +20 Healing +20 Anatomy +20 Mace Fighting.
*Bless, Increases Stats, +Stats and Duration based on Magery Skill
Spell Weaving
*Attune Weapon, Temporarily Absorbs Physical Damage
*Gift of Renewal, Heal over time spell. Heals 10hps every 2 seconds for 20 seconds
*Arcane Empowerment, +10% Spell Damage Increase +10% Summoned Pet Hits Points and also raises difficulty to Dispel, Buff last 20 seconds
*Immolating Weapon, Adds addition Fire Damage Hit spell to weapon for .10seconds? not sure how long but its short duration
*Gift of Life, Gives you a instant res available for 10 minutes
*Sacred Boon, Heal over time spell. Heals around 10 hps every 2 seconds for 20 seconds

9. PVP Tactics of Fighting, Regardless of which template you choose there are a few things that must be done to be successful. Curse! always use it and always try to keep it up. This is very important. Whether your dex or casting, Curse can make or break a fight. It doesn't matter if you only have 120 Eval, always cast it.

The way to win in a fight is to prevent your opponent from healing. Without some sort of method to prevent healing you will never beat the bandage timer/mini heal. This can be done by using Weapon Abilities such as Mortal Strike, Bleed, Infectious Strike. Using the spell Poison is also another good way to stall healing but in my opinion its hard to top Mortal Strike. There are very few ways to get around this one, especially is you have negative karma. Remove Curse is out the window if you have negative karma. Relying on Enchanted Apples alone is extremely risky due to the cool down period (30 seconds), that being said apples will not only cure Mortal Strike but will also Remove Curse. If you have negative karma and your Enchanted Apples are on cool down the only way to heal is by using Spirit Speak.

Popping Evasion can often save your life when fighting a caster. You will have a chance of evading spells. Hopefully giving you enough time to heal up or this can be used to get off some of your higher cast time spells.
Coding Corner / Re: UO Steam Macro Library
« Last post by Evolution on Yesterday at 05:28:50 PM »

Top UO Steam Macros on UO Evolution Shard

//Angelic Faith Buff
//Make sure you are in Human Form
cast "Vampiric Embrace"
pause 3500
msg '[cs angelicfaith'
pause 10000
cast "Vampiric Embrace"

//MiniHeal Self
if diffhits > 1

//Bless Self
cast "Bless"
waitfortarget 15000
target! 'self'

//Eat Enchanted Apple
usetype '0x2fd8'

//Gift of Renewal Self
cast 'gift of renewal'
waitfortarget 15000
target! 'self'

Offensive- Make sure you set your target as enemy for these
//Set Enemy
//Use this and Target who you want to kill
setalias 'enemy'
//Curse Enemy
 if inrange 'enemy' 10
  cast 'Curse' 'enemy'
  while waitingfortarget
//Strangle Enemy
if inrange 'enemy' 10
  cast 'Strangle' 'enemy'
  while waitingfortarget

//Evil Omen Enemy
if inrange 'enemy' 10
  cast 'Evil Omen' 'enemy'
  while waitingfortarget
//Magic Arrow Enemy
if inrange 'enemy' 10
  cast 'Magic Arrow' 'enemy'
  while waitingfortarget
//Poison Enemy
if inrange 'enemy' 10
  cast 'Poison ' 'enemy'
  while waitingfortarget
//Cast Harm Enemy (must be 1 tile away)
if inrange 'enemy' 1
  cast 'harm' 'enemy'
  while waitingfortarget

//Fireball Enemy
if inrange 'enemy' 10
  cast 'fireball' 'enemy'
  while waitingfortarget
//Lightning Enemy
if inrange 'enemy' 10
  cast 'lightning' 'enemy'
  while waitingfortarget

//Explosion Enemy
if inrange 'enemy' 10
  cast 'Explosion' 'enemy'
  while waitingfortarget
//Energy Bolt Enemy
if inrange 'enemy' 10
  cast 'Energy Bolt' 'enemy'
  while waitingfortarget

//Flamestrike Enemy
if inrange 'enemy' 10
  cast 'Flame Strike' 'enemy'
  while waitingfortarget
//Explosion Flamestrike Enemy
if inrange 'enemy' 10
  cast 'Explosion' 'enemy'
  while waitingfortarget
pause 500
if inrange 'enemy' 10
  cast 'Flame strike' 'enemy'
  while waitingfortarget

//Toggle Triple Slash
//Make sure gump is up
replygump 0x7ec42f38 1000

//Toggle Shield Spike
//Make sure gump is up
replygump 0x4239a64f 1006
Shard Legends & Lore / >>>Legend of the Evolution Artifacts<<<
« Last post by Evolution on Yesterday at 12:07:49 PM »
>>>Legend of the Evolution Items<<<

During a recent excavation in the Stygian Abyss, several diggers discovered these strange items that seemed to pulse with energy. Upon their return to Luna, several leaders of the Order Of Mages were called in to determine the properties of these unique items.
It was discovered that each item had the ability to learn from every encounter it faced and that that knowledge allowed it to evolve into a more powerful artifact.

Some of the vendors in Luna heard about this discovery and smuggled the items from the Luna Vendor Vault and are now selling them, keep your eyes open, if the artifacts are being sold, there are sure to be limited quantities!

Every Evolution artifact gains experience from attacking and killing. You can keep track of how many experience points and the new attributes your weapon has by hovering your mouse over it in your paperdoll. The number in () next to the name is how many experience points the weapon has. The Evolution items can be obtained from doing the Peerless Monsters Quest

>>>Special Evolution Items<<<

There are currently 3 items in game that also have this ability to level

>Evolution Cloak
>Evolution Ring
>Evolution Earrings
Shard Updates / Shard Update August 10, 2018
« Last post by Kane on August 10, 2018, 09:05:48 AM »
Version 249
MarketPlace Update:  Cleaned up a few logic issues
MarketPlace Update:  Restructured factoring code to allow for special items that fall outside of the normal scope (For special vendor areas)
MarketPlace Update:  Initial code needed for special vendor areas (None are active, this is for testing)
MarketPlace Update:  Can now handle ED, Gold, Tokens and EC. Data still beens to be changed to handle this so it will give me time to test it out.
MarketPlace Update:  Changed how larger numbers are displayed.
Report Bug / How i fill a sprinkler with water?
« Last post by dhandra on August 09, 2018, 06:31:46 AM »
How i fill a sprinkler with water? I tried in a lot of diferent water types like ocean, lake and water through and anyone worked.  the same is happening eith the glass pitcher.
General Discussions / Dragon Cloak Question
« Last post by billtcat on August 06, 2018, 04:36:13 PM »
A previous post stated 
"In addition to the points, there are a series of quests you can pursue, which must be completed prior to stage 4.  The quests will add new abilities to your cloak that will be revealed when it reaches stage 4. Whenever you slay one of the Unique/Named creatures (Ex. Gem Dragons, Ancients, Spirilix, Magi, etc)that are among the quests you will receive a message stating you have unlocked one of the secrets.  There are some Unique Dragon Bosses you can kill that will actually increase a cloak's property immediately without reaching stage 4."
Do you have to kill the max in each category or do you get credit for each.  Example – Do I get credit for each Gem Dragon or only if I kill all of them.
Also what are the mentioned  Unique Dragon Bosses?
Bill The Cat
Help! / Re: 120 Skills that Require a Powerskull...
« Last post by Cyclone on August 04, 2018, 01:44:30 AM »
only hiding and throwing don't have a 120PS?
Help! / Re: Mystical Order of Sanctus Quest
« Last post by Cyclone on August 04, 2018, 01:27:31 AM »
15eggs and still no web. *cry

got 3 exstra eggs afther the post and finaly the web.
Shard Updates / Shard Update August 03, 2018
« Last post by Kane on August 03, 2018, 09:34:49 AM »
Version 248

Core Update:  Added new facet for Factions
Misc Files Updated: Resolved a few spelling/grammar issues
Domino's Deco Deeds Added: 10 new items
Market System Updated: Resolved a few jackpot issues
Reward Chest Updated: Improved handling of chest level, expanded upon the config file for gump display details.
Help! / Lost Items!
« Last post by Domino on August 01, 2018, 06:48:01 AM »
Some additional info for lost item issues:

------------------I lost my item!! Is it a bug?------------------
We investigate all the reports we get that include enough info to do so! Unfortunately many reports do not contain nearly enough info for us to persue.

If you have lost an item your FIRST action should be to read the wiki at or by Typing [wiki in game and navigating to Rules>Lost Items

The 100ED charge is non-refundable, reguardless of outcome, and is a preventative measure to prevent players from paging staff to find their items until they have throughly searched, and are sure their item is actually lost. Please be aware- this charge does not guarentee you will get your item back. If the item has been deleted (IE you trashed it by accident or it decayed)- then it is gone forever and can not be replaced. Another example of a scenario where the item exists but you can not get it back, would be if you lost it by not insuring it and it was stolen from your bag, or you died and another player looted your body. We can not in either of these instances tell you who has the item, nor return it to you. The other player obtained the item via normal game mechanics.

------------------Help us help you!!!------------------

Know the Serials of your peices. Every item on the server has a unique Serial number. With werable items you can find this by placing all your items on a your UOSteam Dress Agent: while wearing the items go to Steam/ Agents/Dress. Create a NEW Dress-1 > Import. The number next to each item beginning with 0x-------- is the Serial. You can write this down, screenshot it or trust UOSteam will save it for you. Repeat this pocess with any additional suits or items you use- such as crafting suits.

If an item is not wearable and you want to note it's identifer go to Macros> Choose the "Object Inspector" button on the bottom center left. Target the item: Note the Serial in the window that pops up. Good things to note the serials of are, keys and other non-blessed valuables that you carry.

------------------I Have Lost my Item and I have a Serial!------------------

Now if you lose an item and have gone through the steps on the wiki lost items section- you can page staff with the serial, and 100Ed and ask for a search. As previously stated, you may or may not get the item back, depending on where the item is and how it was lost.

------------------I Have Lost my item but I do not have a Serial!------------------

If you lose an item and have followed all the steps in the wiki, and would still like staff assistance to find your item take the following steps:

Have 100ED in your backpack.
PM staff with the following info:
-Exact time you realized your item was missing
-Exact time when you last saw the item, and EXACT place where the item was. If the item was not normally kept in the place you last saw it then-
-Place where you normally keep the item (IE- You normally keep the item in the blue chest on the bottom floor or your house but last remember seeing it in your backpack)
-When you first obtained the item (this can be general if it was a long time ago, but be as specific as you can if it was recent...("last tuesday morning" as opposed to "about a week ago"). If you obtained the item very recently and know it's history that may be useful for example, if you purchased an item within a week, the player whom you purchased it from, and when,  may be useful
-A complete description of the item, Name with correct spelling and capitalization.

IMPORTANT:Failure to provide as much of the above information may mean we are unable to search for your item. This specific information is required so that we can track down the item on a save. The save must be loaded (a time consuming process; therefore,  we need to know as much about where the item was at a specific time to know which save to load and where to look). We then track down the item, grab the serial number and search for it on the live server. As previously stated, you may or may not get the item back, depending on where the item is and how it was lost.
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